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BiKi Cooperates with Hacken

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By Hacken

BiKi and Hacken have entered into the cooperation agreement whereby Hacken has agreed to conduct a penetration test to identify potential weaknesses of BiKi.

When we talk about security, the first word coming to mind is vulnerability. Nowadays, DDOS-attacks constitute a prevalent form of cybercrime. The frequency of hacks, their scope, and complexity are constantly increasing and they are becoming more intricate. According to the Dutch National Internet Providers Management Organisation (NBIP), the share of DDoS attacks among cybercrimes increased to 36% in 2020. 

A famous trading platform BiKi prioritizes the provision of safe and reliable services worldwide. To ensure the security of its clients BiKi has consulted Hacken, a leading security consulting company, regarding the application of prevention measures like web and API penetration testing.

What has Hacken done for BiKi

The Hacken web application penetration testing is the most commonly used security testing technique applied to verify whether an application has security weaknesses. Vulnerability scanning enables the client to identify weaknesses in the application and proposes methods to strengthen the application’s overall security. It basically reveals whether the security patches are installed and whether the systems are properly configured to prevent attacks.

Hacken has set in motion the web application penetration testing to evaluate the security of Biki. Hacken has investigated web applications, custom scripts, and programs to identify the loopholes in the system. 

Upon completing the cybersecurity system testing Hacken has not only provided the list of vulnerabilities in the report but also advised how to fix them to prevent such issues in the future. BiKi has considered all recommendations provided.

About BiKi 

BiKi is a global digital currency trading exchange and blockchain technology service provider. Having strong technical and operation teams in place the platform is committed to developing the safest, sustainable, and efficient digital currency trading platform for users worldwide. Currently, it supports such languages as Chinese and English and serves nearly 100 countries and regions worldwide with over 3 million registered users. BiKi has launched a subversive “mining, repurchase, and burn” model under which 100% of the platform fee will be used to buy back and burn the platform tokens. Du Jun, the former co-founder of Huobi and the founder of Golden Finance, has jointly participated in the establishment of BiKi.com and personally invested 5 million US dollars in the project. Du Jun serves as a co-CEO at BiKi.com.

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