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Announcing Integration with zkSync

By Hacken

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zkSync x Hacken: A Crucial and Timely Integration

zkSync integration with Hacken is great news for everyone involved. zkSync gets the backing of a trusted cybersecurity auditor with an effective 4-STAGE Smart Contract Audit Methodology and hundreds of secured EVM-compatible contracts. For Hacken, integration with zkSync is a gateway to hundreds of projects from DeFi to NFTs built on the zero-knowledge rollup by zkSync. Yet, the biggest winners of the integration are projects and users. zkSync 2.0 mainnet will be 100% open-source and owned by the community. Thus, providing cybersecurity services to the zkSync ecosystem is our chance to safeguard the foundational principles of decentralization and ultimately make crypto a more ethical space.

With zero-security compromises, 100% open source, and hundreds of projects inside the ecosystem, zkSync is one of the strongest partners for Hacken.

About zkSync

zkSync is an open-source Layer-2 blockchain that eliminates Ethereum’s costly gas fees, scaling constraints, and performance barriers using zero-knowledge proofs. Built by a distributed team of leading cryptographers and engineers, zkSync is designed to unlock the full potential of blockchain technology while scaling the core values of Ethereum.

Bootstrapped by initial funding from the Ethereum Foundation, zkSync has powered over 10 million transactions, fuels major web3 applications, including Argent and Gitcoin, and recently launched the first EVM compatible zero-knowledge rollup, allowing developers to deploy general-purpose applications written in Solidity.

For more information about zkSync, please visit:

zkSync Website | zkSync Medium | zkSync Twitter

For recent Hacken updates and news, please refer to:

Hacken Twitter | Hacken Discord | Hacken Medium

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