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  • An Interview with Bob Diachenko, Hacken’s Director of Cyber Risk Research

An Interview with Bob Diachenko, Hacken’s Director of Cyber Risk Research

By Hacken

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This week, on October 1st, Hacken welcomed our new Director of Cyber Risk Research, Bob Diachenko, to the ranks. Bob has a long history of working in public relations and product communications with a proven track of record in infosec. Previously he served as Head of Communications at Kromtech Alliance Corp.
We sat down with Bob to chat about his views on the current state of the cybersecurity industry.
– What do you do for a living? Tell us about your experience in the cybersecurity industry?

My main background is in PR and communications, however, for the last couple of years I’ve been digging into infosec and developing my skills as a data breach hunter and cybersecurity intelligence expert.
– What are your main achievements?

To name some of them, I have discovered various US voter data leaks and did a research on digital laundering. Many of my discoveries have been covered in major news and technology media, such as BBC, ABC, Forbes, NBC News, and others.
– What would you like to change in the current Cybersecurity industry?

My main goal is to educate people and organizations and drive forward cyber hygiene rules, as well as responsible vulnerability disclosure.
– What is your forecast for cybersecurity development for the next 5 years?

People don’t learn on other people’s mistakes, especially when it comes to privacy, and tend to delegate responsibility on it – so there will be a growing trend on various cybersecurity solutions on the market.
– Why did you decide to cooperate with Hacken Ecosystem? What will be your points of the cooperation?

I’m excited to be on board at Hacken and contribute to the wide range of ideas and services the company offers, as well as bring my talent for discovering data breaches. On a personal note, I really sympathize Hacken’s idea of having a single cybersecurity ecosystem where custom-tailored security services meet a bug bounty platform with cooperation between ethical hackers and businesses across the globe.
It is clear that joining Hacken was a natural transition for Bob, and we’re very excited to welcome him to the team!

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