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A Change in Hacken Cup Application

By Hacken

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Hi hunters!

We want to communicate a slight change in the application process for Hacken Cup.

Until this moment, in order to access the application form, an applicant had to pass a CTF task embedded in the invitation email. For the last few days before the application deadline (September 5th) we have decided to forgo the CTF task. Now, the application is publicly accessible to every bounty hunter. We made this decision in order to open the process to all our community members and give them a chanсe to participate. We will carefully screen all applications and will make an announcement about selected participants for the event on September 7th.

We want to thank every bounty hunter that took the time to prove their skill and completed our test! Every applicant, that has completed the CTF will receive 50 reputation points and 50 HKN tokens on their HackenProof account. If you don’t already have an account you can sign up here.

Don’t miss your chance, apply for Hacken Cup before September 5th!

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