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Ukrainian Crypto Startups Research: Presentation of the Results

2 minutes

By Hacken

The Ministry of Digital Transformation in cooperation with the public association “Ukrainian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association” and the leading of cybersecurity company Hacken presents the results of the analytical research of the most successful Ukrainian projects that have completed the token public offering “Overview of Top Ukraine’s ICOs”.

The research demonstrates the development potential of the Ukrainian crypto industry in the retrospective. The fundraising initiatives through crypto assets have allowed the Ukrainian crypto startups to attract investments of $171 million to the country.

The conduct of the research constitutes an important stage in the virtual assets ecosystem development and promotes the introduction of mechanisms required to develop more effective legislation to facilitate the conduct of business in this field.

The Hacken team has actively participated in the conduct of the research by sharing its expertise and market insights. Hacken has conducted a number of surveys of Ukrainian crypto projects and shared the collected information with other members of the research group. Hacken CEO Dyma Budorin has provided the following feedback on the research project:

“Innovative crypto projects may give a solid push to the country’s economy and the role of the Ukrainian crypto community members is to draw the attention of private investors and government institutions to the need to facilitate the business climate in which these projects operate. Hacken team considers the public-private partnership in the crypto industry as a fundamental step towards the creation of a strong crypto ecosystem. Hacken will continue contributing its expertise to further popularize the crypto sphere in Ukraine. Every member of the Ukrainian crypto community will only benefit from the entry of new innovative projects into the market and together we can transform Ukraine into a crypto oasis.” 

By watching the online translation of the presentation the audience will get important information about the Ukrainian crypto startups and their role in the global crypto economy and everyone will have an opportunity to put questions to the speakers.

The list of participants includes:

-Oleksandr Bornyakov – the deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine;

-Dmytro Budorin – CEO, Hacken

-Olga Afanasyeva – the honourable member (ex-CEO) of the public association “Ukrainian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association”;

The online translation will be held on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine on 19 March at 10:00 am (UTC).

We would like to remind you that in December 2020 Hacken signed the memorandum of cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine whereby the parties obliged to promote the development of the crypto industry in Ukraine. The presentation of the research results is only the beginning of our fruitful cooperation with the bodies interested in seeing Ukraine as a strong player in the global crypto market.

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