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Deribit Exchange Wallet exploited for $28M

By Hacken

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Deribit Exchange hot wallet was compromised for around $28 million. Deribit reported that they have covered the loss with its reserves. The clients should have access to their funds.

The attacker stole 9080 ETH (≈$14 M) and 691 BTC (≈$14 M).

The funds are still in the attacker’s addresses:
ETH: 0xb0606f433496bf66338b8ad6b6d51fc4d84a44cd
BTC: bc1qw5g8lw4kzltpdcraehy2dt6dqda8080xd6vhl4kg4wwsypwerg9s3x6pvk

Deribit Vulnerability

The hack is under investigation. We will know the exact cause of the exploit later. In the meantime, Hacken’s new service dApp Audit helps secure wallets that directly or indirectly manage user private keys, sign, and send transactions.

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