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What You Need to Know About CER: Crypto Exchange Ranks Launch

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By Hacken

The cryptocurrency arena is growing to massive highs in both the number of tokens, crypto exchanges, and market size; specific factors come into play on how to trade safely and wisely. Accurate analytics is the goal for any crypto trader regardless of the amount of investments. Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER) is the project aiming to provide comprehensive sustainability and vulnerability assessment of crypto exchanges. The launch of CER’s alpha version has been a topic of interest for the last 3 months, and finally, we are happy to announce that it is open!

What is CER

Crypto Exchange Ranks is the first and only rating service which provides comprehensive objective crypto exchange analytics. It is based on a thorough analysis of broad risk areas including liquidity, compliance, reliability, public opinion and cybersecurity level; that is why the product offers complex information that is collected using accurate algorithms and mathematical models by means of a professional and intuitive platform.

What does CER offer

CER will be enormously useful for those who know how to use it. With this product, you can save your time spent on analyzing, scoring and benchmarking the most suitable exchanges.

“Using our sophisticated tools and features you can quickly determine which exchange is more reliable in general or based on the area you prefer, asses real (effective) market spreads and depth, identify price divergencies, analyze aggregated volume data, judge exchanges funding structure and identify arbitrage opportunities in real time. CER provides almost everything you need for successful smart trading.” — CEO Crypto Exchange Ranks.

How does it work?

At the current stage, the Crypto Exchange Ranks offers three products which are rating service, real-time liquidity analytics, and blockchain balance dynamic analysis.

The rating service covers 4 areas by which you can assess exchanges and compare them with one another, in particular, these are liquidity, public opinion, cybersecurity and withdrawal and limits.

Liquidity real-time analytics brings essential information about the current market condition by useful quotes calculation, trading volumes aggregation, markets comparison customized tool and market depth analysis, and also arbitrage opportunities identification.

Blockchain balance real-time data provides information about exchanges’ balances, inflows and outflows amounts by the type of wallets, so-called hot and cold wallets, which show the security level of deposits, substandard outlaid transactions, and general trend of flow of funds.


Beta Access. How it was

On June 14, 2018, we engaged more than 50 people to test and provide feedback on the product. Journalists, crypto platforms, YouTube crypto celebrities, and lucky community supporters who took part in the giveaway received access to beta version of CER. All in all, such a sophisticated and comprehensive product should operate smoothly; thus, beta-testing was an obligatory part of the MVP release.

CER Team and Future Plans


Our strategic product development vision anticipates the following directions:

  • Direct Market Data Collection
  1. Liquidity market data access: getting direct access to exchanges` trading data through their extended API providing by establishing partnership programs with the exchanges covered by CER;
  2. Blockchain balance dynamic analysis: getting the list of exchanges` hot and cold wallets to improve blockchain balance analytics.
  • Users` Accounts Integration
  1. We are about to provide an option for our users to integrate their exchanges` accounts to the personal cabinet (Account profile) to be able to track user`s aggregated portfolio, form consolidated statements and use customized analytical tools.
  • Portfolio Modelling
  1. Capital allocation and portfolio modeling: analytical tools which will help to form optimal investment portfolios based on user`s requirements and restrictions, provide capital allocation insights and portfolio risk management tools;
  2. Trading dashboard: information trading terminal with full functionality analytical instruments for technical and fundamental analysis of currency pairs specially developed for traders’ convenience.

Learn the 2 types of crypto exchanges

Centralized nature, frequent hacks, liquidity issue, clearing and settlement, lack of technological capability, etc. — are main points of concern of today’s crypto exchanges. CER was created to resolve most (if not all) of the emerging problems connected to crypto trading.

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Table of contents

  • What is CER
  • What does CER offer
  • How does it work?
  • Beta Access. How it was

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