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Hacken Summer Development Report 2018

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Continued progress requires analysis of our previous achievements to see what we need to stick to, as well as what we need to improve. When putting summer 2018 into a review, it becomes clear that it was a productive period for us and that we are on the verge of great things.
The most notable achievements of this summer are covered in our Hacken Summer Report 2018.

Quick Facts

Essentia, E-MAL, TokenAire, Synco, e-Fatoora, Squeezer, Enecuum, Bexam, Data VLT, BTC Alpha, and NeverDie are only some of the companies which we have provided our services to. Moreover, there are 35 other clients who signed NDA with us.

Development Progress


The most notable achievement of this summer is definitely the launch of long-awaited Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER). Apart from bringing benefit to crypto traders, the product has made a huge hype on the market through our unique ratings and investigations on exchange manipulations.
We constantly review the TOP exchanges using our scoring variables and general changes in their liquidity, public opinion, cybersecurity, withdrawal & limits. Let’s recollect the research about BitForex. Chanpheng Zhao (CEO of Binance), YouTube blogger Ivan on Tech, Forbes, Investing, CoinDesk, News.Bitcoin, Cryptovest to name a few influencers and media outlets that found the research useful and important for the industry. The CER team doesn’t stop on it and continues to create researches uncovering manipulations and fraud in the crypto industry. All in all, it brings benefits and soon we’ll announce CER’s powerful partner.

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We are extremely proud that a successful and promising blockchain company VeChain launched three bug bounty programs on HackenProof. By the way, two public programs are active now, and you can try out (put to test) your skills submitting bugs for bounties.

HP info

By the way, have you already visited Hacken research blog? We write about platform news, program launches, and educational articles, for instance, read about Lifecycle of a Bug Bounty Program.

Hacken Ecosystem

In the middle of June, we released an updated White Paper where we described peculiarities of existing products, outlined the roadmap, and described token burn event.
On June 19 Hacken launched an exchanger which allows to easily exchange crypto assets to HKNs directly on the main page.

Team News

The first thing that comes to mind is that the whole Hacken Ecosystem finally united in one office in the city center of Kyiv, Ukraine. Now the team will cooperate in a close-knit environment.

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August 31 was marked by B-Day of our dearest CEO Dmytro Budorin.

Did you know that Dmytro loves surfing?

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On July 31 we ran our first AMA session with Hacken’s CMO and VP of Marketing. We enjoyed it enormously as we received valuable feedback that has helped us make Hacken a better company for the community. We’ll try to run Ask Me Anything sessions on a regular basis. That is why yesterday we ran the second AMA session dedicated to HackenProof and Marketing Updates. Don’t miss it!
Probably, one of the most discussed topics is protocol migration. Yes, we do examine this process accurately and currently working hard to consider every detail.

Things to Come

Token burning event

Yes, you read it right! Finally, the time has come to launch our first burn of HKN tokens. The burn is expected to result in a higher token valuation, thus, in the price increase. It is clear that HKN token burn should create an important market move. The exact date has not been decided yet, but we plan to arrange that at the beginning of Q4.

HackIT forum

In October HackIT cybersecurity forum will take place for the fourth time! Every year we try to prepare something new and unexpected to satisfy and surprise attendees and speakers, to organize a better conference than last year. In 2018 we redesigned the forum website, invited powerful speakers, and created an amazing program. The tickets are already live!

HackIT summer report

Thank you for the amazing summer, and for making our vision possible.

Trace on!

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