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Hacken and Secret Network Join Forces to Boost Web3 Privacy

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We are delighted to announce an allied partnership with Hacken and Secret Network, the trailblazer in privacy-preserving smart contracts. This collaboration marks a significant step towards fostering privacy and security in the Web3 landscape by spreading mutual values and connecting Hacken’s security expertise with Secret’s ecosystem. 

Why Privacy Matters in Web3

The conventional approach of public blockchains, where all transactions and interactions are visible to anyone, poses challenges for applications dealing with sensitive data. Secret Network recognizes the crucial need for privacy in decentralized web applications, envisioning a future where blockchain technology empowers creators, business owners, and individuals like never before.

“Secret Network prioritizes the privacy aspect of a security angle in the layer-1 triangle (security-scalability-decentralization). Transaction payload, contract state, and computation itself are encrypted and encapsulated in SGX hardware enclaves. This gives end users a very high level of privacy, which is a challenge in most public blockchains.” — Andriy Kashcheyev, VP of Engineering at Hacken.

Sean Rad, Developer Relations at Secret Network, shares his excitement about the partnership,: “Secret Network’s confidential smart contracts allow developers to design dApps with true privacy — the ability to choose what you share and who you share it with! We are excited to partner with Hacken because of their commitment to blockchain security, as we work together to be stewards of Web3 innovation.” 

In line with its commitment to Web3 security, Hacken extends exclusive benefits to Secret Network projects:

Note: To take advantage of these exclusive discounts and benefits, simply indicate that you are participating through the Secret Network partnership program by adding a comment in the request form on our website. Alternatively, DM Vlady on Telegram @vlady_hacken to instantly get connected to our team. 

– Audit Discounts: A welcome discount is offered for urgent audits and a more substantial discount for non-urgent audits, ensuring accessibility to robust security practices, including dApp, Wallet, Cross-chain Bridge, Tokenomics audits, Penetration Testing and Tokenomics Design.

– Priority Queue: Secret Network projects enjoy a priority queue to address their urgent needs promptly.

Bug Bounty and Triage: Secret Network projects benefit from a dedicated bug bounty program and free triage services, enhancing the overall security posture.

As we embark on this collaborative journey, Hacken and Secret Network are united in our commitment to privacy, security, and innovation in the Web3 space. By leveraging Hacken’s expertise, Secret Network projects can implement rigorous security practices, ensuring a future where the decentralized web truly empowers users while preserving their privacy.

About Secret Network

Secret Network, launched in 2020, stands out as the first mainnet blockchain with privacy-preserving smart contracts. It empowers developers to create decentralized and permissionless applications while ensuring privacy through encrypted inputs, outputs, and state by default. The underlying ledger is transparent and completely auditable, striking a balance between privacy and transparency.

About Hacken

Hacken is a leading blockchain security auditor dedicated to making Web3 a safer space since 2017. Our services offer an extensive range of Web3 security solutions. This includes Smart Contract Audit, Blockchain Protocol Audit, dApp Audit, Penetration Testing, CCSS Audit, as well as Tokenomics Audit and Design. Together, these services constitute a holistic security framework, ensuring all-around protection for Web3 projects.

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