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Introducing CER and its Scoring Overview

By Hacken

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As you can see from the title, this dashboard characterizes the liquidity of exchanges. The score comprises six components: spread, spread volatility, trade volume, trade volume volatility, orderbook volume, and orderbook volume volatility.

What does it mean?

Exchange with high liquidity allows assets to be bought and sold at most stable prices. As of the publication date of this article, Coinone scored 6.55 — this makes the South Korean exchange the least volatile market.

Withdrawal & Limits Score (WLS)

WLS shows fee policies. The score consists of two factors: fees for takers and fees for makers, which assess total commission for making deposits, withdrawals, and trading for both takers and makers.

What does it mean?

Each factor is calculated separately for every exchange and represents average fees for all possible transactions, represented currencies, and currency pairs. Binance’s score stands at 9.81, which makes it the most attractive exchange in terms of the overall market fee policy and withdrawal limits.

Cyber Security Score (CSS)

CSS is an assessment of the cybersecurity characteristics of a given exchange. It consists of three weighted components: application-level security, SSL/TLS connection, and domain security. Moreover, each of the components represents a composition of several minor metrics.

What does it mean?

Kraken has the highest CSS of 9.23 because it has excellent SSL/TLS connection, domain security, and application security (10, 10 and 7.92 points respectively).

Public Opinion Score (POS) 

POS is an aggregate measure of social statistics and user ratings. To obtain the score, we combine 14 attributes. The number of views indicates the number of users that regularly look up a certain exchange and visit related web pages. Subscription indicates the number of users that want to get news about the exchange. Support indicates the number of users that endorse statements related to the exchange. Discussion indicates the number of users that think that an exchange is important. User rating is an average value calculated based on user review scores.

Prior to obtaining the POS score, each of the attributes is weighted.

What does it mean?

Despite the fact that Coinbase has an average user rating of 7.60 points, it leads the POS rank because it has a perfect social volume metric (10 points).

General Score (GS) Leaderboard

Although Kraken and Coinbase lead in the CSS and POS ranks, they failed to secure the first place in the General Score rank. As of the publication date, GS leader is Binance.

Unobvious functions of CER dashboards you need to know about 

In case you want to find detailed scores of a given exchange, you can click on each parameter in the Scoring View to obtain additional information. Besides, if you click on the gear wheel, you can choose exchanges you need to evaluate. Thus, you can set up the platform according to your personal needs.

Today Crypto Exchange Ranks is on the MVP stage. Further, the platform will feature new dashboards and functions to make CER more functional and helpful. Until October 1, 2018, we plan to implement personal user accounts to enable customized settings. Also, we plan to add Notification Service — it will update subscribers about important events on the crypto market, CER’s development, and special offers available to community members. Finally, the News Data Aggregator function will filter out irrelevant information from the news feed.

We hope that you have found this guide helpful. Stay tuned for more content and overviews related to CER, dashboards, exchanges and the cryptomarket.

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