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How Our CEO Dmytro Budorin Enthralled Blockchain Revolution


On January 17, 2018, the world forum called “Blockchain Revolution: Convergence with Traditional Economy” took place at Seoul Dragon City in Yongsan, central Seoul, South Korea. Jibrel Network, a Swiss blockchain tech startup, hosted the event with the assistance of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Economic Daily. Over 500 attendees, more than 50 journalists, and 6 successful speakers, among which was Dmytro Budorin, the CEO of Hacken.

Hacken’s Performance at The Blockchain Revolution

The Biggest Blockchain Event in South Korean History: Blockchain Revolution by Jibrel Network. Hacken / Boxmining / NEO / Binance.

Our CEO was the first spokesman on the forum. In his speech, he not only introduced Hacken to the Asian business elite but also gave some essential pieces of advice on how not to be hacked. At the beginning, Dmytro mentioned episodes from the famous Black Mirror show, which described surprising ways hackers can disturb the public peace. He claimed that cyber criminals have superpowers right here and right now, and that it’s not the nearest future but a reality that they can use it to the detriment of society. Dmytro even suggested to write down the website Have I Been Pwned? and check later whether your account has been compromised or not. To exemplify his point above, Dmytro offered up some recent figures provided by Cybersecurity Ventures, they estimated that cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. In such a way, Dmytro stressed the gravity of cyber crimes. Being perplexed, the audience was prodded to hear more about how Hacken can help them save money, customers, and reputation.

It was obligatory to describe the Hacken ecosystem like Dmytro did in detail. Each of the seven services was closely presented. Special attention was given to the anti-phishing service, mentioning the famous case of rescuing Jibrel Network’s ICO, and smart contracts audit giving credits to Oleksiy Matiyasevich, Hacken’s advisor, who saved $1.5 millions of Parity. Moreover, the audience was impressed by such innovative services as cyber insurance and Hacken marketplace. According to Dmytro, the later is ‘where blockchain technology drives the whole market… as a new channel for vendors is created’.

Towards the end, Dmytro Budorin introduced the Hacken executive team and the project’s outstanding advisors. He revealed the business plan, and finished his speech on an up note, “The best ways to protect your business is to have hackers on your side”.

Networking at The Blockchain Revolution

Hacken’s CEO with The Asian Blockchain Elite
Hacken’s CEO with The Asian Blockchain Elite

Apart from the speech, Dmytro Budorin established significant and valuable contacts with the greatest thought leaders of the industry.

Dmitriy Budorin and Don Tapscott
Dmitriy Budorin and Don Tapscott
Dmitriy Budorin with Johnson Zhao, the global development director of NEO_Blockchain
Dmitriy Budorin, with Johnson Zhao, the global development director of NEO_Blockchain

Don Tapscott, a founder of Blockchain Research Institute and author of best-sellers on the application of technologies in businesses and society, Johnson Zhao, the global development director of NEO-one of the best blockchain platform in China, Changpeng Zhao, the chief executive of the leading Chinese cryptocurrency exchange – Binance, Eric Gu, a co-founder of ViewFin and founder of Metaverse, the leading public Blockchain in China, Zhenghuanden, a representative of Qbao, which is already our strategic partner, and eventually Kim Byeong-hwan, CEO of Coinnest-one of major digital asset trading platforms in South Korea.

CEO of Hacken with CEO of Binance and Representative of Qbao
CEO of Hacken with CEO of Binance and Representative of Qbao

We hope that these acquaintances will nourish the partnership with these exciting companies and positively help in the longterm development of the Hacken Ecosystem.

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