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HACKEN Strategic Spring 2021 Goals

By Hacken

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Hacken team is focused on serving the needs of our community. The industry experiences skyrocketing growth and Hacken strives to lead changes. We have set up ambitious targets for the spring season and we know how to achieve them. We strongly realize that sustainable business development is a key to building a strong image in the market.

Hacken Foundation has already started a new journey!

1. Margin trading launch at Gate – done. Now users can apply 3x leverage when trading HAI/USDT.

2. Listing at Top 10 exchange.

3. Trading bots giveaway – boost volumes.

4. Launch of trading bots campaign at a new exchange – bring additional liquidity.

5. Announcement of Hacken Scout project – cyber data mining – new infrastructure initiative with the ambition to reach the scale of and even more.

6. Announcement of a new project entering the Hacken Foundation.

7. Desktop hVPN – fully operational free of charge world-class VPN service exclusively for Hacken members.

8. Hacken Partners’ merch – top quality branded products available only to HAI holders.

9. Cross-blockchain.

10. Liquidity pools.

And many many many new clients and partners!

All commitments will be accomplished by the start of summer 2021!

Join our HAIking journey to see new HAIs! 

All our work is focused on making your user experience as convenient as only possible. We want to see you as the users of the leading product and we firmly move to this destination. Your support and feedback on the changes are of the greatest importance for us. Should you have any recommendations on how to make our roadmap even more effective, please do not hesitate to reach us. 

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