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Hacken Summer 2021 Infographic: hot period, great progress!

Summer, the period when companies traditionally take a break and the pace of their progress slows down. But this statement is not about Hacken! We made tremendous progress in Summer, almost every day we entered into new cooperation or shared updates on our solutions and projects functioning within Hacken Foundation. Our core team participated in numerous industry events both online and offline and, thereby, promoted the brand of Hacken worldwide. In this infographic, we would like to share with you only the most important information so that you can focus your attention only on those events that bring the biggest value to our community members. 

Now, the Hacken team plans its future activities based on our Strategic Roadmap for the next 12 months. We realize that chaos is not about solid brands. Solid brands are those projects that have a clear vision and goals and know how to achieve them. The Summer period was full of new cooperations (>50). We also entered into 2 strategic partnerships that may allow us to dramatically increase the industry awareness about our brand and, thereby, find new clients. In Summer, we conducted a lot of interactive activities to promote community engagement and allow our community members to get attractive perks and bonuses for demonstrating their skills and knowledge. And it’s a great pleasure for us to note that our community was actively participating in all contests, we are so proud to serve the needs of such amazing individuals. And one of the best indicators of our success is the recognition of our work by leading industry bodies. In Summer 2021, CoinMarketCap integrated our security audits into its website and now investors can see our label near the projects we have already audited. We make the world a safer place! 

The detailed information on our progress in Summer is provided in the picture below. Every detail included in this picture has made Hacken closer to reaching our main goal (Road to 1 billion). 

It’s already Autumn! What does it mean for us? We should accelerate our progress. The next 3 months are crucial for us. The market is developing rapidly and a large number of innovative projects emerge every day. Security risks are likely to remain at a very high level, we’ll have a lot of work to do! So, no time to relax, hard work is ahead!

Thank you for being with us and sharing your feedback. Hacken is 4 years old and you, our dear Community, have made these 4 years full of exciting opportunities and achievements. We’ll keep on creating value for you!

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