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By Hacken

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On December 11 we announced Hacken EOS Airdrop event aiming to generate tokens on the EOS platform. The registration is still on until December 21, so today we want to answer your most frequently asked questions.

Is EOSHKN a new cryptocurrency?

EOSHKN is a new cryptocurrency asset on the EOS network. It is created and airdropped only to HKN holders who linked their account at

How do I ensure that I am eligible for airdrop?

1) Go to and go through the account linking process.
2) If the website shows the status “Linked” – you’re all good. You don’t necessarily receive a confirmation email.
“Expired” status is automatically assigned to any request which didn’t complete the linking process in 2 hours.
“New” status is assigned to any real public keys which you’ve provided before you submit a 1 HKN transaction.

Does it have a cross-rate with HKN?

No, EOSHKN will have its own price in the EOS network. As for now, there are no cross rates of EOSHKN/HKN tokens.

How to set up an EOS wallet?

EOS wallet features different setup mechanics compared to ETH or BTC networks. In EOS, every user has to request a wallet creation from an existing participant of EOS network. Generally, the price for the EOS wallet creation is around $2.

Our partner PAYTOMAT offers a free creation of wallets using their promo code.

What is a public key of EOS wallet?

EOS public key is a 12-character combination of letters and numbers, which you create ON YOUR OWN. This combination should be provided in order to get an airdrop. Hacken will never ask for your Private keys!

Can I use an exchange wallet to get airdrop?

No, because you can use ANY wallet where you posses both public and private keys. In other words, exchange accounts won’t be eligible for airdrop. The only exception is DEX which allows you to trade directly from your wallet.

How do I know that I will get an airdrop?

The “Linked” status on means that you will get the airdrop to the EOS account which you provided on the website.

Why is EOSHKN needed?

EOSHKN has the same use case as the HKN token. It will be used as a native token for EOS projects, which receive their need in cybersecurity services by Hacken. Simply put, EOS token is the payment method for the projects on EOS blockchain.

Will EOSHKN be on CoinMarketCap?

EOS tokens aren’t properly recognized by the majority of crypto, similarly to 99% of tokens which are not ERC20 or ERC721. The team is already working in this direction and hopefully, we will succeed.

What will be the price of EOSHKN?

The initial listing price will be announced together with the first listing on one of the EOS DEXs. The date will be announced soon

When will the snapshot be?

As of now, the snapshot will be conducted on December 22, at 5 PM EET.

How to solve problem parsing request parameters?

“Problem parsing request parameters” is an error which is shown while you try to submit your EOS and ETH wallets for linking. It means that any of the 2 wallet addresses don’t exist or the ETH wallet doesn’t have HKN tokens on balance.

Will HKN perform a token migration to EOS with this airdrop?

Nope, EOS airdrop is more of a promotional activity with the goal of showing our expertise in EOS security and readiness to provide services for EOS-based projects.

Why I won’t I receive a confirmation email?

We don’t send email confirmations for the “Linked” accounts. We need your emails for some peculiarities of account linking and other related questions.

Can I store EOSHKN on my ETH wallet?

You can’t. The name of the token (EOSHKN) clearly states that this token will be launched on the EOS network. Similarly to BTC, which you can’t store on ETH wallet, you can’t store EOSHKN on ETH or BTC wallets.

We hope that now it’s more clear why EOSHKN is needed and how you can participate in the Airdrop.

In case you have any other questions go to Hacken community in Telegram. We’ll be pleased to help and chat

Join chat!

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