Hacken partnered with Crypto Lions – one of the EOS masternodes

Hacken news,

On May 21, 2018, Crypto Lions, a candidate for block producing on the EOS blockchain, has announced a beginning of the continued partnership with Hacken to ensure security on the way of becoming masternodes.

Yesterday, on June 20, Crypto Lions became one of the EOS Masternodes.

Congratulations dear partners! We are raising our glasses in your honor!

Partnership Details

First of all, Crypto Lions established a partnership with us to ensure proper security level of their servers and systems, e.g. that no DDoS and other network attacks can hinder the working process.

“It is very important for block producers to be reliable, and that means having great cybersecurity.” – Roman Skaskiw, Co-founder, Strategy, Communications.

Furthermore, being a ERC20 token (HKN), we consider the opportunity of moving the HKN token on EOS blockchain. Thus, the partnership and sharing experience are of great importance for both companies.

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