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CER Product Innovations, December 2018

By Hacken

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You should have already heard at least something about our Transparency Hackers initiative, haven’t you? If the answer is still “no”, please feel free to get more information about it in this Blog Post and hurry up in joining us!

We have done a lot of work during the past month to bring the transparency of the crypto exchange market to another level. In this article, we will share some updates and features that have recently been implemented on CER platform and provide our community with insight into our future plans.  

User Karma Implementation

As you may have guessed, this innovation concerns our strong desire to show gratitude to our Transparency Hackers, to highlight their contribution and to encourage them with some additional trophies.

What is User Karma?

User Karma is a positive indicator, that represents the number of “Karma points” that are assigned for submitted and approved exchanges’ Hot/Cold wallets addresses.

Looking ahead, the Karma points will be used for participation in a leaderboard which will be launched later. The leaderboard will represent the CER rating of the most active and authoritative Transparency Hackers. It will allow every Transparency Hacker to see their own contribution in relation to the overall environment, while also comparing their work to the search results of a  number of other Transparency Hackers. For the rest of the community and the CER team, your karma rate will be an indicator of your expertise and activity in enhancing transparency of crypto exchanges.

User Karma can be found in your account profile and looks like this:

There are several key points about User Karma to remember:

  1. It is possible to get “Karma Points” only once the reported wallets go through the complete four-level evaluation system and are added to Blockchain Balance Calculation;
  2. User Karma is displayed only when you are logged in into your personal account with CER;
  3. Soon, there will be a leaderboard on the CER platform that will depict the total number of Karma points of each user;
  4. Also, in the future, you will be able to earn Karma for other actions including conducting investigations into  manipulations of exchanges, providing us with hints on fraud made by exchanges and by participating in our topical events.

The number of Karma points for approved wallets is as follows:

  • 1 approved and verified Cold wallet address – 50 points (along with HKN reward);
  • 1 approved and verified Hot wallet address – 5 points.

Launch of the Exchange Account

One the most important announcements is the launch of an Exchange Account, as the exchanges are the essential part of the wallet collection and evaluation system. We are eager to provide the exchanges with the opportunity to cooperate with us and report the majority of their wallets themselves or to approve/reject already reported wallets.

From now on, the exchanges are able to apply for a special CER Exchange account, which includes several unique features and allows them to:

  • Check all the wallets reported by the community/CER team or exchange itself and filter them according to the different parameters: coin, approval status of each participant of the evaluation system, wallet type, reporter and date;
  • Approve/Reject the reported wallets in bulk along with specifying the wallet type (Hot&Cold);
  • Report several wallets via the same form by clicking on “ADD YOUR WALLETS” option:

Improved “Add wallet” functionality

The process of reporting the wallets has become even more straightforward and accurate! We have implemented several necessary features:

  • You may choose the wallet type (Hot or Cold);
  • You may add the description of your “treasure hunt” (The main steps you took to find the exchange wallet addresses);
  • You may add up to 5 screenshots that demonstrate your wallet searching path.

If the wallet has already been reported and resides in our system, you will receive the following notification:

If the wallet has not been reported yet, you will receive the following confirmation message (depending on the exchange name and coin type):

“Submitted Wallets” section

For your convenience, we have also implemented “Submitted Wallets” section, where it is possible to view the whole list of previously reported wallets.

In this section, you are welcome to check the approval statuses of each and every side of the evaluation process: the exchange, CER’s partners, and the CER team along with the rewards which you receive.

There are three statuses for each evaluation group:

  1. Waiting for review
  2. Approved
  3. Rejected

Now, you are welcome to use our convenient filter and sort the reported wallets by different indicators: coin, exchange, the participant of the evaluation system, approval status, wallet type and date:

The wallets are considered to be approved and are added to Blockchain Balance circulation when they are confirmed by at least two participants of the evaluation process. A unanimous approval will be displayed in your account as follows:

You may also find the necessary wallet simply by typing it in a search field. Another important and convenient innovation is the possibility to add a new wallet by clicking “Add Wallet” option directly from your personal account.

Upcoming Developments

In the near future, we are planning to launch several other significant platform updates, such as User Leaderboard based on the quantity of Karma points and some enhancements of User and Exchange accounts (e.g.: bulk import of exchange wallets using CSV upload for Exchange account and some novelties connected with User Karma for our Transparency Hackers). In addition, we will gradually announce a list of new features that will be added to the platform.

If you still haven’t become the part of our Transparency Hackers army, don’t hesitate to start right now and make your first step in searching the exchange wallets. Remember, only together we can change the current state of affairs and develop the crypto industry. Don’t remain indifferent, be the one who cares!

Report your first wallet and join our Transparency Hackers initiative now!

Feel free to ask any questions or share your feedback in our Telegram Group or on Reddit. We are always ready to answer all your questions and help you start! To stay updated on the latest CER news follow us via Email Subscription and Twitter!

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