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CER Innovations: Launch of User Account

By Hacken

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As you may already know the Crypto Exchange Ranks‘ was launched at the end of June this year and for the last five months has been shared throughout the crypto industry. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance,, Forbes, Bloomberg, and CoinDesk have all approved and supported our aspirations to make the cryptocurrency ecosystem a more mature and transparent place as well as to struggle against community and trade manipulations in the market. In this article, we would like to talk about CER’s latest updates and share our announcements with you.

Team Updates

We’re happy to share with you that by this day the CER team is already formed! The team’s working in full pace for the product to target its core audience. Meet the part of CER core team members!

  • Serhii Dovhopolyi, Head of Project. Serhii has over 6 years of experience in software development and IT project leadership. He was at the cornerstone of CER development.
  • Oleksandr Serdiukov, Technology Head. Oleksandr has over 10 years of development experience in building enterprise software for such companies as SAP, Ericsson, Zoomdata, and Pitchbook.
  • Hleb Myrko, Head of Marketing. Hleb started his career as a co-founder of an educational project focused on African and Asian markets. Hleb is responsible for generating demand on each strategic direction of the Hacken Ecosystem operations as wells as in the CER team.

We would also like to share the news that the CER landing page has undergone some major changes. Now you can enjoy a new design, read more about the team members, and media outlets which cover CER news and examine our updated roadmap to know product future plans. Have you already checked it?

CER is a brand new whirl in the crypto industry. There is no other product with such functions and capabilities. Our team works hard and will add some transparency to this market.
Serhii Dovhopolyi, Head of Project.

User Account Implementation

However, the most important announcement is the launch of a User Account on the CER platform: we aim to supply users with customizable and personalized features enabling them to assess their favorite crypto exchanges more effectively. From November 5, all dashboards except for the scoring dashboard will be available only for registered users. You will have to create a personal account to use CER full set of functions. The user account is a tool to personalize your connection with CER; it helps to authenticate to a system and adjust all settings according to your needs. From now on, all the parameters you set will be saved what will spare your time and efforts for the next visit.

Future Developments of Crypto Exchange Ranks

In the nearest future, we’ll prepare other innovations and improve the platform to meet our users and market needs. Some functions will be available under paid subscription, for example, the arbitrage notification tools and arbitrage API. Early birds who create accounts will receive perks and bonuses, so don’ waste time and register on CER!

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