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Kuna Exchange is HackenProofed Now!

By Hacken

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Hacken Partners with Kuna to ensure its safety and launch HKN trading on the best Ukrainian exchange.

At the beginning of February our white hat hackers were hard at work, and now we are pleased to announce that Kuna Crypto Exchange is under protection of Hacken. Although the 100% safety can never be guaranteed, Kuna now has a strong advisor in terms of corporate safety. Our new strategic partner is the largest (and now the safest) crypto exchange in the Commonwealth of Independent States (the CIS). Their aim is to become the most convenient platform for cryptocurrency exchanges in Eastern Europe, and Hacken is glad to accompany their progress.


Why pentest is needed?

Less than a month ago, the Japanese exchange, Coincheck, has become the victim of cyber criminals. The managers of the exchange have overestimated their security measures and, as a result, lost $500 million. Thus, it is not surprising that Kuna decided to secure itself against cyber threats and chose Hacken to receive top quality protection.

What is Kuna?

Kuna is the first Bitcoin Agency in the CIS. Since March 2014, their key activity was the exchange of bitcoins for the local currency and the promotion of bitcoins in CIS countries. Today Kuna transformed from a “manual” exchange service to a thousands-client base in automatic mode through their service; they cooperate with the Ukrainian National Bank to standardize and develop technologies in the country and Eastern Europe in whole. Being a Ukrainian company, the main trading pair of Kuna is BTC / UAH. It can be exchanged for Ethereum, Waves, GBG and back, while Bitcoin is traded to numerous cryptocurrencies. Kuna’s motto is that cryptocurrencies have no borders or jurisdiction.

How pentest was performed?

In his own words, our White Hat Community Director, Nikita Knysh, tells how the vulnerability assessment was performed:

cyber criminals

Within two weeks, from the 5th to 16th of February, 2018, Hacken has been carrying out a vulnerability assessment using the OWASP and PTES methods. The ‘Black Box’ approach was applied to imitate the activity of potential cyber criminals, who do not resort to social engineering. In such a way, automatic and manual tests of account, portal, and API were performed. Our hackers checked whether it was possible to steal users’ sensitive data without authentication or by avoiding it. Kuna requires a minimal amount of sensitive data, but the required one is highly secured now. Eventually, Hacken’s vulnerability assessment proved that Kuna is safe enough for exchange operations.

Summing Up

In light of our new strategic partnership, on Saturday, 24th of February, Kuna will launch HKN on the exchange. Thus, everyone will be able to purchase our token safely and with low fees. Moreover, every Ukrainian bank card can immediately be recharged; soon Kuna promises to share this feature with other countries.
We are always happy to cooperate with successful and innovative companies. All in all, our mission is to ensure protection against cyber crimes within the IT world. Hacken is developing, becoming smarter, and more experienced; follow us.

About Hacken

At Hacken, we take security extremely seriously, and all the checks are performed according to the highest standards. If you have any questions about the topic or need a consultation, feel free to contact our Team!

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