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Smart Contract of Indorse was audited by Hacken

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By Hacken

Are all people paid for their professional knowledge, creative ideas, and experience? It seems to me that there are always some unrecognized geniuses. Although the whole labor market is based on the principle of exchange of services; sometimes it’s hard to find the very person you need for that one special project, isn’t it?
Our new security partner has found a solution and created something really precious, and we’re glad that we were among the first who saw its appearance. Recently, Hacken tested the smart contract safety of Indorse, a decentralised professional network powered by Blockchain. From now on every skilled person, whatever their field, will be duly appreciated based on objective judgements and recommendations.

So, what is Indorse?

A revolutionary platform that allows its users to be rewarded for validating their talents and those of others. Indorse uses different methods to test capacity simply and objectively, for example by decentralized consensus, where examples of skill are judged anonymously by random other users, or A.I. based systems like chatbots for automated validation. Users are rewarded for their activity on the platform with IND tokens. These tokens can later be traded or used on the platform to purchase services like advertising, or company pages with verified connections. In such a way, simple and objective evaluation is performed. Isn’t it great that now specialists will be recognized solely for their practice despite dishonest employees, flattering acquaintances, and ambivalent certifications?

What about safety?

Indorse is built on Ethereum Network, the leading blockchain for decentralized applications. Thus, the Hacken Team audited its Ethereum Smart Contract to identify any critical vulnerabilities. The audit showed high code quality and no critical issues. Several low severity issues have been found and reported to the developer. Finally, risky pieces of the smart contract have been covered by tests.

Want to order Smart Contract Audit?

Indorse envisions a serverless, decentralized future, where the users will build their profiles and profit from own reputation. Hacken already expects to select specialists for our company using Indorse platform. All in all, sometimes people lack contacts, courage, or experience to enter one or another sphere to make this world better. Thus, Indorse implements the solution, and Hacken guards its benevolent intentions.

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