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Who Is Honored To Wear the GREY HATS? MEET OUR WINNERS!

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By Hacken

Here we go: the voting is finished! The results you were waiting for for a month are ready to be announced! Which ideas impressed the Hacken team and community the most?

Five Steps To Choose The Winners: Timeline

Let’s remind you how it was.

✔️ 1st step – Hunting Ideas Jan 19 – 31

On January, 19 we announced the Grey Hat Hackers Ideas Competition to hunt grey ideas that could be turned to “a white side”. The participants should have come up with cybersecurity-related solutions.

✔️ 2nd step – Evaluating Ideas – Feb 1 – 3

We received 150+ ideas, among which our team chose the most prominent ones.

✔️ 3rd step – Ideas Shortlist Presentation – Feb 3

The shortlist of 10 most promising cybersecurity ideas was as follows: 

  • The world’s first cybersecurity marketplace for cryptocurrency and blockchain market;
  • Hacken Spotter — automated smart-contract auditor for a high-level screening of any smart contract;
  • AI Pentester — a tool to replace real pentesters;
  • Governance notes — the first platform that performs audits of DeFi platforms governance votings;
  • Hacken Dex — Dex exchange operating on smart contracts;
  • xsstron ElectronJS Browser to Find XSS Vulnerabilities;
  • DHWD — Decentralized Hacked Website Database;
  • FBI — a bot that removes fake pages;
  • disBalancer — is a decentralized network that provides DDoS Resistance service and decentralized load balancer for infrastructure;
  • Hunter — A tool/service to remove personal data/information, false profiles, stolen media from the web.

✔️ 4th step – Fireside Chat with Shortlisted Ideas, Feb 5 – 11

The authors of the ideas had AskMeAnything session with Mr. Leo Andreo at Hacken Club Official Telegram group. On the official site of the Idea Competition, you could find more info about the ideas and the pitches of the participants. 

✔️ 5th step – Voting, Feb 12 – 16

Promising ideas were put to the vote in our Hacken Club group to identify the winners through the Google form.

How did we select the winners?

Various parties determined each place. 

1st placeHacken investor Mr. Leo Andreo and the Hacken core team600,000 HAI
2nd placethe 4th level members of Hacken300,000 HAI
3rd place Hacken community members100,000 HAI 
Special prizeHacken investor Mr. Leo Andreo5,000 USDT

Leo Andreo and Hacken core team evaluated the participants according to the following criteria:

  • popularity 
  • growing
  • urgent
  • expensive
  • mandatory
  • frequent
  • implementation 

So, meet our winners:

1st place: Hacken Spotter
2nd place: Governance notes
3rd place: DHWD – Decentralized Hacked Website Database

Leo Andreo decided to award 2 participants with Special Prize, so it was divided between:

  • AI Pentester
  • disBalancer

We are grateful to all who took part in our First Grey Hat Hackers Ideas Competition. Follow the news, and don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the next Idea Competition and our upcoming competitions!

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  • Five Steps To Choose The Winners: Timeline

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