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New Blockchainhackers event is coming – see you in Lisbon

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By Hacken

Hacken team is pleased to announce that we are organizing our next regular great event for DeFi security enthusiasts – Blockchainhackers VII. This time the event will take place in Lisbon, the city that will become the global center of crypto discussions and reflections in November 2021 including Web Summit and Solana Breakpoint 2021.

Our speakers:

Yevheniia Broshevan, Co-Founder, Hacken

Evgeniy Bezuglyi, Lead Auditor, Hacken

Gabi Urrutia, Director of Offensive Security, Halborn

Scott Carlson, Head of Digital Asset Security at Kudelski Security

Blockchainhackers VII will take place on 9 November. The topic will be traditional – DeFi security, the most important aspect for any crypto enthusiast in 2021 since the scope of threats faced by DeFi projects is constantly increasing. For example, just for the first 7 months of 2021, the damage caused to projects by DeFi-related hacks was almost 3X greater than for the whole of 2020 ($361 mln vs $129 mln). 

The previous Blockchainhackers events organized by Hacken, especially the last two events that took place in Dubai, gathered prominent industry leaders who shared valuable insights and the most actual industry data with our visitors. After conducting a number of Blockchainhackers events, the Hacken team has outlined the most effective and interactive format of interaction between speakers and visitors. So, this time you are going to get an amazing experience, don’t miss this opportunity. 

Hacken team strongly invites blockchain developers, security engineers, ethical hackers, and, generally, everyone who is passionate about DeFi security to visit this event. 

Participation in this event is free but you need to apply for getting the tickets by clicking on the “Register” button on the event description page

We realize that the event may be interesting for many enthusiasts. Thus, since the number of places is limited, you need to fill in a short registration form and get approval from our team to attend this event. 

Please be informed that the time of the beginning of the gathering and location will be shared with approved ticket holders.

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