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Login and Hacken will strengthen cybersecurity in Indonesia

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By Hacken

Today, in a move to enhance efforts to secure the online environment, Estonian cybersecurity company Hacken announces a partnership with Login Indonesia, a local system integrator company that offers hardware and software IT solutions to large multinational companies located in the region.

Each year, millions of business records that contain valuable information are compromised through cyber-attacks. The exposed data creates an elevated risk of account takeover and unauthorized access, especially where password reuse is prevalent.

For this reason, two companies have signed a partnership agreement which will enable Login Indonesia to provide Hacken cybersecurity services to local business customers:

  • Secure source code review
  • Deep-dive penetration testing of network infrastructure, web, API, Android, and iOS applications.

Furthermore, Indonesian businesses will be able to benefit from a Bug Bounty program by Hackenproof

“In a tough market environment, in recent years, Hacken has succeeded in laying down a positive course of development. We will continue our solid growth – in terms of both the development of existing products and services as well as accessing new markets and addressing new target groups. With Login Indonesia, we have found a reliable partner who shares our values and goals to make digital world more secure from hacker attacks”
explained Dmytro Budorin, CEO of Hacken.

Login Indonesia partners with Hacken in the move to bring cybersecurity expertise to Indonesia while expanding Login’s current service portfolio in the region.

The cooperation between 2 companies will further increase awareness in cybersecurity among local businesses and drastically reduce the risk of potential hacks using a proactive approach to discover vulnerabilities.

About Login Indonesia:

Login Indonesia provides one-stop solution services to multiple segments of industries, mainly focusing on the Enterprise and Telecommunications market. Services offered include IT network and infrastructure, software engineering, application development, and managed services solution.

About Hacken:

Hacken is an ecosystem of cybersecurity services and products. The company provides security consultancy according to the client’s needs aiming to protect data and funds. Hacken clients receive professional services based on world standards and wide experience in cybersecurity.

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