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HAIking 2021 Tournament Winners

1 minute

By Hacken

Our HAIking tournament is over. We can proudly say that the HAIking tour description has boosted your interest! Thank you very much for actively participating in this great contest. All participants are heroes and we appreciate your loyalty to Hacken. You have made a great contribution to popularizing the Hacken brand. Although within the prescribed timeframe no users got membership applying your generated coupon codes, we have decided to award the active community members who made the most exciting and informative retweets.

Please welcome our WINNERS:

  • 1 place – ***tWi***
  • 2 place – ***doF***
  • 3 place – ***en5***

Info for our winners:

@TaisVisbor will soon contact you in Telegram regarding your prizes. We will do our best to ensure that you get your prizes ASAP.

Hacken team keeps working on offering interactive and exciting opportunities for our community. New great tournaments and amazing prizes are coming! 

Please keep a close eye on our future announcements.

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