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Hacken Joins The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

By Hacken

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LISBON, Portugal, April 13th, 2022, 5 PM (GMT+1) – Hacken, a leading Web 3.0 cybersecurity auditor founded in August 2017 by cybersecurity experts, Big Four professionals, and white hat hackers, today announced that it has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). As an EEA member, Hacken will collaborate with EEA and its members, the leading business adopters, innovators and leaders within the Ethereum ecosystem, to accelerate the pace of Ethereum business advancements and adoption.

Hacken has deep expertise in auditing and securing Ethereum-based projects and prioritizes bringing Web3 innovations to the Ethereum ecosystem to promote mass adoption of virtual assets. 

“It is a great strategic step for Hacken to join the EEA,” said Dyma Budorin, CEO and founder of Hacken. “The EEA membership will allow us to establish new partnerships and further promote the understanding among industry players that cybersecurity is part of a company’s digital healthcare. Industry collaboration is the driver of mass adoption of blockchain technologies and the Hacken team is proud to play an active role in the EEA to help promote innovative technological changes to make Web 3.0 a safe and convenient place for users.”

As part of its membership, Hacken will have the opportunity to participate in EEA’s Interest Groups and Working Groups (WGs) such as the EthTrust Security Levels WG, and business events such as the April 21st Ethereum in the Enterprise 2022 event, which bring together the top Ethereum and global business leaders, technologists, and industry experts to learn about the latest business reference implementations, real-world use cases, and technical innovations. 

About the EEA

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) enables organizations to adopt and use Ethereum technology in their daily business operations. The EEA empowers the Ethereum ecosystem to develop new business opportunities, drive industry adoption, and learn and collaborate. The EEA Community Projects provides a hub for open source development of code, APIs, standards, and reference implementations. To learn more about joining the EEA, reach out to [email protected] or visit

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About Hacken

Hacken is a fully-fledged Web 3.0 cybersecurity ecosystem providing security testing services to crypto exchanges, DeFi projects, and NFT initiatives from Europe, Asia, and North America. Hacken’s strategic goal: get a 20% share in the Web 3.0 cybersecurity market by 2024. Hacken in figures:

  • 800 clients, including THORSTARTER, ConstitutionDAO, XTblock, Paribus, to name a few 
  • 80 partners including Avalanche, Polkastarter, CoinMarketCap, Weld Money, CoinGecko, Simplex, to name a few
  • 23/50 top crypto exchanges are our clients
  • $10B in users’ assets saved from being stolen by hackers

For more information about Hacken, refer to these channels:

Hacken Club Twitter; Hacken Club Discord; Hacken Club Telegram; Hacken Reddit; Hacken Medium; Hacken Foundation Website

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