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Hacken Joins SingularityNET to Enhance AI-Powered Cybersecurity

By Hacken

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Have you already met Sophia? If you have, you will know she is smart, amiable, and has an interesting hairstyle! Moreover, she is a robot. Sophia is a unique humanoid, as she is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence. In turn, her “parents” founded SingularityNET to connect AI with the blockchain. Their aim is to integrate more personnel, resources and ideas into the development of artificial intelligence and related technologies. To assist SingularityNET in reaching their goal, Hacken will conduct a bug bounty on Sophia’s operating code, as well as the alpha version of the SingularityNET decentralized AI marketplace.


The SingularityNET team showcases their AI developments in one of the most famous robots in the world. Naturally they want to protect her, as well as other similarly progressive innovations, from the criminals who might want to hurt her. More specifically her priceless AI software. Sophia’s software is designed to learn exponentially through experience, just like human beings.

SingularityNET is an established ICO startup that created the first blockchain-based AI. The company closed its token sale having reached the set hard cap ($36 million). SingularityNET aims to resolve some of the major issues in the sphere of AI development, for instance the lack of common acknowledgement, communication, and financial support.

This genuinely brave and innovative project requires a cybersecurity solution capable of meeting the most exacting standards. SingularityNET has chosen Hacken, and recognises our blockchain service of white hat hackers as capable of providing the ideal cybersecurity.

The Details of The Cooperation

The collaboration between Hacken and SingularityNET was showcased during Hacken’s discussion panel at the world economic forum 2018 in Davos. During the discussion the humanoid robot Sophia commented on the Fintech industry. Hacken’s CEO Dmytro Budorin connected with SingularityNET’s blockchain leader Simone Giacomelli, who was speaking as well, and had accompanied Sophia to the event. Sophia, the world’s most realistic humanoid, was created by Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong. She is under active development as a showcase and test case for robotics as well as the IoT applications of SingularityNET’s decentralized AI platform.

To get the collaboration underway Hacken will conduct a bug bounty on Sophia’s operating code, as well as the alpha version of the SingularityNET decentralized AI marketplace. This initiative will improve overall security, find and eliminate existing bugs, as well as enhance functionality of these rapidly changing, highly complex software systems.

Recently, development in the sphere of IT slowed down due to the growing number of the cyber attacks.

Nowadays, almost every IT company can become a target of black hat hackers. They could lose everything because of criminal access to sensitive material and finances. In the case of the SingularityNET the consequences could easily become more serious, as criminal penetration of the code of its artificial intelligence is potentially very dangerous. This is especially so when one considers that the company aims to create one global artificial mind. To safeguard the steps of this process, they have selected us to help. If Sophia suddenly became illicitly controlled by sufficiently technologically advanced criminals, her AI could not only turn out to be useless for humanity, but also dangerous.

The market for white hat hackers is actively developing, suggesting that services providing protection of information systems are being seen as vital. IT companies have realised that cybersecurity is essential when considering how they may promote their development. Among all of the security solutions available, SingularityNET has selected Hacken as Patronus for Sophia and their other projects.

We would like all IT companies to consider being protected by Hacken, and are always available to turn to for help. The creation of individual bug bounty programs will ensure each client has their specific needs and concerns met. Together we can ensure the brightest of futures, one in which the IT space remains in the hands of business owners and scientists, not cyber-criminals.

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