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Hacken is now a member of the Linux Foundation

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By Hacken

We are proud to announce that the leading cybersecurity consulting company Hacken has become a member of the Linux Foundation.

Hacken has joined a great community of innovative and globally recognized brands. From now, companies and experts interested in exploring the opportunities provided by the Linux Foundation will see the name of our company on the member list containing such names as Google, Microsoft, ORACLE, AT&T, HUAWEI, GitHub, to name just a few. 

The membership in the Linux Foundation constitutes the recognition of the role played by Hacken in the field of cybersecurity and will enable the further promotion of HackenAI. We are focused on developing innovative cybersecurity tools and making them open source since the Hacken team is the proponent of the idea that every member of the digital world community has the right to be protected from cyber threats.

The Hacken team strongly believes that this new membership constitutes a first step towards the mass adoption of the HackenAI first level of membership. Resistance to cyber-attacks has already become a competitive advantage of successful businesses. The members of the Linux Foundation will also benefit from cooperating with Hacken. By joining the Hacken community through the innovative membership model the stakeholders will make a contribution to ensuring their own business success since  they will be able to utilize all solutions developed within the ecosystem. That is a win-win situation in which stakeholders are interested in HackenAI success and the Hacken team is interested in sustaining stakeholders’ loyalty.     

“Being a member of the Linux Foundation is both a victory and new responsibility for us. The fact that Hacken has successfully passed the due diligence process demonstrates our transparency and reliability to the Linux Foundation Members and the global digital community, in general.  The member status allows the Hacken team to collaborate and gain knowledge and insights from the leading specialists of the digital world. At the same time, this status means that Hacken should contribute double efforts to sustain its global recognition. We are ready for new opportunities!” – a comment from Hacken CEO Dyma Budorin.

About the Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is a non-profit organization encompassing leading digital market players that prioritizes addressing the challenges faced by the industry. The objective of the Linux Foundation is to facilitate the growth of Linux. The Linux Foundation generates original content and conducts research to promote the understanding of the Linux Platform. The organization sponsors and organizes professional community programs during which the specialists from its member companies work together on solving the issues faced by Linux. Within the Linux Foundation, developers can collaborate on numerous open technology projects subject to their qualification and field of work. The members of the Foundation represent such industries as software development, telecommunications, financials, device manufacturing, etc. The Foundation hosts a number of events including LinuxCon that attract the leading experts in their respective fields. The organization provides educational opportunities to its members. To better realize the status of the Linux Foundation, let us consider the list of its members that includes such brand names as Google, Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, SAMSUNG, Toyota, BlackRock, and other giants. That is why the Foundation is one of the most powerful non-profit consortiums in the modern digitalized world.

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