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  • Hacken & IoTeX: Protecting Your Smart Devices From Modern Hackers

Hacken & IoTeX: Protecting Your Smart Devices From Modern Hackers

By Hacken

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Hacken in cooperation with IoTeX is going to conduct the webinar about the ways individuals may securely use web cameras to prevent information leaks to hackers. The webinar will take place on 11 February at 5 pm (UTC). 

During the webinar, you will have an opportunity to become aware of the methods used by hackers to access the webcams located in streets and houses as well as private offices and of the ways hackers may exploit the obtained information for own benefit. By attending the webinar you will get know how to protect your webcams from being hacked and the benefits associated with the use of high-tech cameras operating on a blockchain that does not allow hackers to get direct access to them. The experts will describe the five rules of secure use of webcams under which privacy breaches cannot take place.

Hacken & IoTeX Webinar: Thursday, 11 February, at 5 pm (UTC). 

The link for the webinar registration: 

About IoTeX

IoTeX is the company that has been operating in the field of Internet of Things since 2017. IoTeX combines leading hardware, blockchain, and edge computing to ensure users’ trust, free will, and privacy. The ecosystem developed by IoTeX facilitates the interaction between individuals and machines in a secure way. IoTeX is rapidly expanding its operations and invites new members to join the community. 

IoTeX develops smart solutions such as private home cameras that make your information protected from external threats via the application of blockchain-based identity and login. The innovative webcam called Ucam has unique breakthrough premium features such as motion detection, 1080p HD video, and others that allow users to control their homes from any place. The users’ videos are end-to-end encrypted and the unique blockchain identity is required to access them. Only a user has the right to manage information. The solution developed by IoTeX has been recognized during the CES conference and the company has won the CES Innovation Award for Cybersecurity & Privacy.

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