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111PG partners with Hacken to address security vulnerabilities

By Hacken

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The Hacken team is pleased to announce a new partnership. Meet 111PG, a successful multi-functional anti-sniping protection system that has already saved its client projects $2,25M during listing. 

111PG is the number one protection against sniping bots, offering each new listing project a customized solution with team control and discretion on how to handle locked bot funds. Additionally, we’re becoming the go-to defense for other bot attack types, such as front running and sandwich attacks,” – the brief company description by the 111PG management. 

The partnership with 111PG is a tactical opportunity for Hacken serving as both a powerful affirmation of our expertise and a means of attracting new clients among projects cooperating with 111PG.  

111PG has proven to be an effective solution to alleviate one of the major issues that companies are presently having in DeFi, namely, the need to block sniping bots. Sniping bots may rapidly drive the project’s price 20X up. As a result, community members are forced to buy high. Then the value of this project may plummet thereby undermining users’ trust. Hacken will help 111PG improve their technical skills to deliver better and more secure service to clients.

Hacken will try to identify any potential improvements in 111PG security by going through additional security protocols that can be implemented, as well as checking for possible vulnerabilities to be addressed, all in a bid to ensure that 111PG is adequately protected and not vulnerable to threats. 

Value of this partnership for Hacken

Anti-sniping protection is just an element of the must-have security list for every project focused on long-term business development. But, without smart contract audit, penetration testing, and bug bounty program, it does not guarantee enough security for users. This partnership may allow Hacken to deliver the complex of our Web 3.0 cybersecurity services to dozens of projects working with 111PG. 

About 111PG

111PG is a project formed in response to the problem of sniping bots tarnishing the integrity of project swap listings and thereby endangering the DeFi ecosystem. Since then, it has grown into the most effective anti-snipe/sandwich/frontrun bot and smart contract support tool, successfully defeating malicious bots by making them harmless for the targeted projects.

For more information about 111PG and its latest updates, refer to:

111PG Website | 111PG Twitter | 111PG TG group | 111PG Medium | 111PG LinkedIn 

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Hacken Medium | Hacken Club Twitter | Hacken Club Discord

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