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Hacken’s 2024 Report on Gender Equality in Web3

By Hacken

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In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re proud to present our 2024 Report on Gender Equality in Web3, which explores gender representation in the crypto space.

At Hacken, we believe in diversity’s power to shape a more inclusive industry culture. After all, crypto is about individual freedom, where everyone should have an equal footing to create and grow.

Key Highlights

1. Male founders and C-level executives outnumber their female counterparts by nearly 9:1, revealing a significant imbalance

2. Blockchain Protocols and DeFi host the highest number of women as founders and C-level executives, showcasing the potential of decentralization in promoting equal opportunity.

3. Out of 1000 op-eds and articles across top media resources, women were mentioned 127 times as experts on the subject matter, compared to 867 mentions of men.

4. Among the top 100 crypto influencers on Twitter, only 5 are women, indicating a need for greater gender diversity in public discourse.

5. There has been an increase in women-led communities fostering support networks within the crypto and fintech sectors: SheFi, H.E.R. Dao, Women Rise NFT, CryptoFemale, World of Women, Rising Women in Crypto Community, Women of Web3, and many others.

Decentralized But United

Decentralized but united, let us recognize the importance of collective action in driving meaningful change. Together, we can build a crypto community that embraces diversity, empowers women, and fosters innovation for all.

Download the Full Report: For a deeper dive into the details of these findings, we invite you to download Hacken’s State of Gender Equality in Web3 Report 2024.

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