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Why HKN Token is Needed?

By Hacken

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Sometimes we are asked why HKN token is needed. It’s quite understandable given all the skepticism about ICOs and cryptocurrency downtrend in general. Furthermore, finding the answers to the following questions is necessary for those willing to obtain the objective and up-to-date information.

  • Why create a token when traditional cybersecurity will do?
  • Why blockchain companies create their own cryptocurrencies?
  • Why HKN token is needed?

We are happy to give you detailed and honest answers in order to allay all the possible concerns and provide useful information.
HKN token is built using blockchain technology that allows creating a mechanism for secured transactions. The token is used for a full stack of countermeasures, aimed at reducing threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks by eliminating or preventing them.

Therefore, HKN is needed as a unique and safe method of paying for a wide array of the company’s cybersecurity services and products; at the same time, the token is tailored especially for hackers so the HKN price depends directly on the quality of provided services, number of secured clients, and overall size of the white hat community. However, there are lots of other advantages. Here are some of them.

Token Advantages

  1. Security. Being a cybersecurity company, the question of safety is our top priority. This is exactly why we’ve created the HKN token because we share the same striving for the top-level security on the blockchain. It allows Hacken to provide the highest level of data encryption ensuring solid protection against hacker attacks. Also, a decentralized nature of the technology makes it tamper-resistant. We believe that every transaction should be also transparent and affordable and HKN token is all about that.
  2. Cryptocurrency industry consolidation. Hacken was the first to consolidate blockchain and cybersecurity which makes it our unique feature. HKN is the logical outcome of the project. Despite the high-security level, cryptocurrencies might still be vulnerable to cyber attacks. This is exactly why blockchain technology is utilized to protect the confidential data from being stolen or modified whether intentionally or unintentionally. Due to timely smart contract audit, though, the potential confidentiality breaches can be prevented. We believe that innovations make the world a better place.
  3. Eliminating the bureaucracy. In reality, necessary connections and resources are required in order to implement the idea and make amends. For instance, it took 7 years for HackerOne to win a name for oneself and achieve the goal. But that’s the beauty of blockchain, if there’s an idea, there’s an embodiment. Token burn and airdrop don’t require big wallets and institutions’ approval what eliminates the bureaucracy element. Our company created the HKN token which excludes the bureaucracy and makes transactions secure, cheap, and fast. It took 7 months for Hacken to win a name: first of all, we have operating products at Hacken, secondly, it’s blockchain. Successfully combining those two concepts together is what makes our work important. An average result is not a result for us and our clients deserve only the best quality.
  4. The Values. By buying HKN, the client receives our values and can get any services in exchange for HKN tokens with a discount. You become a member of the Hacken community and can receive a great experience by contacting with professionals and get cybersecurity consulting and advisory services. For example, the bug bounty service HackenProof was able to unite the community of the highly skilled bug hunters from all over the world in order to exchange the knowledge and experience in the industry. Value of communication is the part of something greater and creating new opportunities for the community is what we’re really passionate about.
  5. Training employees with HKN. Businesses received the opportunity to train their staff in cybersecurity, blockchain business and product marketing using HKN. Visiting HackIT conference for this purpose is the best way to do that. We strive to spread the knowledge and help people become savvier in terms of cybersecurity. Hacken provides a platform for global communication and education. Bringing together hackers and the crypto community is our goal. HackIT is a place to meet and listen to the speeches of the leading security experts from all over the world. This is the necessary experience you can’t buy.
  6. Voice of the industry. Crypto Exchange Ranks or CER allows making informed trading and investment decisions. It has never been easier to get trading ideas with the proper tools. The crypto industry is thriving and getting comprehensive data is crucial for the future of the investment sphere. In the nearest future, the most advanced functions will be available under paid subscription. CER’s users will have a -20% discount if they pay with HKNs.

Summing Up

Blockchain technology made it possible for companies using the concept to create their own cryptocurrency. Whether it’s HKN, Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum, the main goal of coins is to facilitate secure and anonymous transactions. Why VeChain has its token? Why Binance has a token? Why any other crypto project has its token while they can offer their services without blockchain?

The answer lies in the core of blockchain: to be transparent, to be affordable, to be useful. Hacken aims to be the epitome of cybersecurity in the blockchain. In future, every industry and every company will have its token and the only question that will be topical is “why don’t you have your token?”

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