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White Paper 2.0

7! Seven months ago we launched our ICO. The concept was outlined, the core team was gathered, advisors were invited, grassroots community marketing was just beginning to pick up steam, the roadmap was released. Wait, haven’t we miss something? Oh, the white paper!

That’s right we authored a white paper to introduce the idea, the HKN token, the team, and the business as a whole. At that time we thought that the world needed us to build 0-day platform but it appeared that our counterparts, ICOs, wanted us to audit their smart contracts. That’s why we decided to not only offer bug bounties but a whole array of custom-tailored products and services that the blockchain and crypto world needs most!

Today, we are releasing our updated White Paper!

The TEAM section is supplemented by new and old members. The services and products are accurately described. And much more!

Besides, check new Hacken’s branding. Do you like it?

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