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Venom Hackathon Announcement; Hacken as a Judge

By Hacken

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Venom Foundation, Hacken’s partner and client, is launching a virtual hackathon on May 8, 2023, with a total pool prize of $225,000. Everyone interested in building their dream project on the Venom blockchain is invited to join.

Join Venom Hackathon here: 

All About Venom Hackathon

Venom testnet is going live in a few days. For that occasion, the platform is launching a virtual hackathon. Here’s what you need to know about the event.

Showcase skills and get VC exposure. Participants can showcase their blockchain development skills and business creativity to judges. Impress the top names in the blockchain industry to get the necessary exposure to VCs for your project.

Three tracks to cover all exciting ideas. The hackathon will have the following three tracks to harness all exciting ideas and demonstrate the full power of the Venom ecosystem:

  1. Web3, NFT & Gaming. The track covers all projects in games, metaverse, social media, secure messaging, mobile applications, carbon markets, NFT marketplaces, and Soulbound tokens.
  2. DeFi & CBDCs. The track covers all projects in categories of asset management, stablecoins, DEX, DAOs, lending & borrowing platforms, tokenized assets, and analytic data platforms (e.g.,, DefiLlama).
  3. Tools & Infrastructure. The track covers all projects in categories of wallets, cross-border payments, subscription services, storage solutions, oracles, payment solutions, and distributed ledgers.

Win monetary prizes. The winners of each track will get $30,000 in stablecoins and a free Smart Contract Audit by Hacken. Second and third places get $20,000 and $10,000, respectively. There’s more: monetary rewards for honorary mentions, NFTs, Venom tokens, and exciting prizes from partners. 

Livestream. Key aspects of the Hackathon will be live-streamed on YouTube, Binance Live, and Bilibili. This live streaming will showcase the depth of global talent building on the Venom blockchain, allowing you to see firsthand the cutting-edge innovations and cybersecurity solutions being developed.

Workshops. Venom Hackathon is the best learning opportunity. It has dedicated five weeks to the most insightful workshops from top professionals in the industry. Hacken auditors will also play a part, but more on that later.

Timeline and registration. The opening ceremony will occur on May 8, and the hackathon will run until June 10. Registration is already open.

The Venom Hackathon is a fantastic opportunity to compete for a total prize pool of $225,000, gain exposure to potential investors, and showcase your skills in a supportive and innovative environment. So, don’t miss the opening ceremony on May 8, 2023, and join this exciting event!

About Venom

Venom Foundation is a rapidly growing blockchain platform that brings secure CBDCs and Web3 apps to emerging economies. Its ecosystem already has a bridge, non-custodian wallet (iOS/Android/browser extension), block scanner, node staking, and LP farming. Venom token ($VENOM) is also coming soon.

Venom is eyeing the launch of a stablecoin, derivatives exchange, metaverse, social messaging platform, NFT marketplace, and launchpad. Participating in Venom Hackathon is the best way for developers to have an impact on the existing and new products in the Venom platform.

Venom x Hacken Partnership

On February 21, 2023—after months of cooperation as part of the audit process—Venom and Hacken announced a partnership aimed at creating a safer and more accessible blockchain ecosystem for all.

Hacken has decided to participate in Venon Hackathon to help promising developers build on top of the best security practices. Driven by the mission of making Web3 safer, we are ready to share our knowledge and expertise with the growing Venom ecosystem. 

Hacken’s Presence at Venom Hackathon

Hacken’s Lead Smart Contract Auditor as a Judge. Are you excited to showcase your skills in the upcoming Venom Hackathon? Here’s another reason to be thrilled: Noah Jelich, the Lead Smart Contract Auditor at Hacken, will be one of the judges for the event.

Get Ready for Noah’s Workshop. In addition to the judging role, Noah will also conduct a workshop on Test-Driven Smart Contract Development, which will cover the best practices for writing secure code, common vulnerabilities to watch out for, and tools and techniques for testing and debugging your contracts.

About Noah Jelich, Judge from Hacken

Noah Jelich is a Lead Security Auditor at Hacken (Solidity & Rust). Since joining Hacken in 2022, Noah has already made an impact by detecting dozens of unique vulnerabilities in 30+ projects. Before joining Hacken, Noah worked as a Blockchain Developer at Ethereum Network. He has years of experience as a Full Stack Developer, several olympiad & hackathon wins, and a degree in Theoretical Physics. Noah credits his remarkable achievements to his quick learning superpower. He is passionate about ML research for vulnerability detection and contributes to open-source projects. 

See you at Venom Hackathon

The Hacken team looks forward to seeing you at the Venom Hackathon and encourages you to spread the word to other blockchain developers who may be interested. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to learn, collaborate, and win!

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