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Letter To Our Valued Community, Partners And Friends

By Hacken

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Dear Hacken Community,

Today, Hacken is celebrating its 6th anniversary. From our startup beginnings in 2017 to today, we’ve come a remarkable distance. Each milestone reached, and every success achieved is a testament to our constant pursuit of excellence in blockchain security. It’s been an incredible journey, filled with learning and growth, as we’ve stepped into new horizons and made our mark in the Web3 world. 

The biggest DeFi protocols and Web3 players trust us, which is the strongest evidence of our commitment to quality. This year, WeMix, Radix, Venus, Civic, NEAR, Venom, CowSwap, and hundreds of other Web3 projects have chosen us as their trusted security auditor. Our ability in blockchain security caught the attention of many, including spotting a critical bug in Binance’s Proof of Reserves System—a testament to our attention to detail and excellence. We have also become an official security partner for Polygon Village and Radix ecosystems.

Our contribution to a safer Web3 didn’t stop with security audits. Under CER, we introduced the industry’s first-ever crypto wallet rating. Extractor, our post-deployment security tool, quickly gained traction, impressing its first clients. Our HackenProof bug bounty platform identified an impressive 5,800+ bugs valued at $5 million. All the while, we’ve been leading a movement in community-led research with our 4,600 Trust Army members.

We believe in securing the present and shaping the future. By sharing our knowledge with the world and championing the best security practices in the Web3 ecosystem, we make a lasting impact. We captivated the stage at top crypto events like Web Summit 2022, DeFi Security Summit, and Consensus 2023. We signed a Letter of Cooperation with the city of Incheon, a global crypto hub in South Korea, and formed a partnership with the Dubai Blockchain Center to further our reach in the UAE. Our involvement in initiatives like the BNB Chain Zero2Hero Incubator, Cronos Builders Program, HyperNest Accelerator, and Venom Hackathon showcases our dedication to fostering the next generation of projects and talents.

Now, to our token – HAI. In recent months, we’ve seen a rapid surge in active addresses, and we’re working to make our token as accessible and popular as possible: we are preparing a two-click purchase, updating the hAI app, and gearing up for deployment on more active networks, such as zkSync and BNB Smart Chain. Yet, our ambition for HAI goes beyond just accessibility; we’re shaping it as a true Governance, Work2Earn, and DYOR asset. To that end, we have created new tokenomics, added fixed utility, and transitioned into a real hDAO, with our first committee already handling RFPs. Our success as a company is closely intertwined with the token’s success, and we want to reflect that.

Looking back, it’s evident that our journey wasn’t without its challenges. But like every dedicated team, we learned, adapted, and emerged stronger. Dreaming big will always be our way, no matter what.

This year marks our 6th anniversary – a milestone that speaks volumes about our resilience and commitment. As we stand at this point, we’re more energized than ever to make even bigger strides in Web3 security. In the upcoming bull run, we want to maintain our reputation for quality and expand our influence in the industry.

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our community, partners, and everyone who’s been part of our journey. Your support has been the foundation of our success. Thank you for choosing Hacken as your trusted blockchain security auditor.

Let’s come together, celebrate our shared journey, and look forward to many more chapters of innovation, growth, and leadership in the Web3 world.

With gratitude and resolve for the future,

Dyma Budorin,

Co-Founder & CEO, Hacken

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