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HackenProof is here!

A decentralized bug bounty platform of white hat hackers is officially launched

Some of you have already found out, but today it’s official-we are excited to announce the launch of an alpha version of HackenProof!

With such a rapidly growing threat from cybercriminals, the Hacken Team aims to be even more challenging to be up to date with cybersecurity demands. That’s why we have launched a bug bounty platform for every responsible ICO, IT, blockchain, crypto, and any other businesses that operate on the Internet to ensure the quality protection of their resources.

HackenProof is more than just a bug bounty platform

Basically, a bug bounty platform is a place where business places its product or system and white hat hackers start to attack it with the aim to provide a report on the found bugs. As a result, the company receives analytics of what security measures should be improved, and hacker, in turn, receives a reward from the client.

HackenProof is powered by the community of white hat hackers, they won’t disclose any found vulnerabilities to the third parties. It is based on the HKN token so it’s decentralized among the community. HKN’s price primarily depends on the quality of the provided services, a number of secured clients, and overall size of the white hat community.

Our Early Clients

OSA, Kuna Crypto Exchange, TicketsUA, Interkassa, and NapoleonX have already tested HackenProof in a private mode. Soon we will announce the companies that have already signed up for using HackenProof’s alpha version to find vulnerabilities in their software.

Spoiler: The first official client which cuts the ribbon of HackenProof is NEVERDIE. It’s an ambitious blockchain-based project which is in the process of creating an Ethereum-based gaming platform. NEVERDIE has already gone through the penetration testing, and ethical hackers on HackenProof are turning up their sleeves to start an assessment.

Get involved

Of course, we want the broad public to know they have a chance to test their infrastructure on the safe territory. That’s why we have prolonged our referral program! Get involved in attracting new clients and get the reward for that. All the details are here.

Besides, the discount for early clients is still on! Get 20% until April 31, or 50% if you make the first deposit in HKNs. Penetration testing is for free for every signed up company!

Our Plans

The launch of the HackenProof is just the beginning of what exciting things will happen in 2018! All the subsequent updates are available on the HackenProof roadmap. From our side, we’ll inform you when each following development stage will be finished!

The Hacken Team wants to express our humble gratitude for all of the support of our Community!

Together we ROCK!

Start but bounty

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    The world trusted Bug Bounty Platform. Run custom-tailored Bug Bounty Programs to secure your business and assets.

    hackenproof logo

    The world trusted Bug Bounty Platform. Run custom-tailored Bug Bounty Programs to secure your business and assets.