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HackenProof Community Report June-July 2018

By Hacken

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Hello there, Hacken Community!

It’s time for our next HackenProof community report! The team is working hard to deliver on our mission to fight for safer cyberspace and we’d like to share our latest news with you today.

Our website contains a detailed Roadmap that describes our product development plan. As time goes by, we gather feedback from our clients and community of white hat hackers. We then adjust our Roadmap to reflect on the feedback we’ve gathered. Our aim is to build the best Bug Bounty and Vulnerability Coordination Platform out there.

We’ve decided to merge our June and July monthly reports into one, to give you a more synchronized view on what we’ve done and what our plans for the near future are.

Platform news:

Some of our updates in June-July:

  • Processing duplicates

If a researcher has generated a duplicate report, he will get an automatic message in the timeline, stating that this report is a duplicate (with the URL of the original attached to the message).

  • Automatic report generation

Once HackenProof’s triage team has validated a bug report from a researcher, a report is generated and is automatically sent to the client.

Plans for August:

Major website updates

  • Currently, we are working a lot on our website.

We are creating new pages and generating new content for them. Soon, our website will look a whole lot better

  • Brand Update

Apart from creating lots of content for our website and blog, we are working on our branding that will allow us to clearly communicate our values and mission. We’ve already done a ton of work on our merch (T-shirts, socks, caps, hoodies, etc) and we are going to showcase our goodies this month!


Hackenproof team is an active member of global cybersecurity community. Attending (and hosting) cybersecurity events is a big part of what we do.

Our product manager – Evgenia Broshevan has attended DappCon Conference (Developer Conference for Ethereum Dapps & Infrastructure) in Berlin this July.

Make sure you follow Evgenia on Twitter to keep yourself updated on the latest news on HackenProof.

Other important events that our team will attend in the near future are Black Hat and DEF CON in Las Vegas.

Black Hat is one of the most technical and relevant information security event series in the world. Black Hat showcase the latest news in information security research, development, and trends in a strictly vendor-neutral environment.

It’s important to note that both CEO of Dmytro Budorin and Evgenia Broshevan will be at both events (8-12th of August). It’s an excellent opportunity for you to meet our team in person. Please feel free to ping them on Twitter and set up a meeting.

Last but not least – we are proud to announce our own hacking event Hacken Cup. It is going to be held in Kyiv on the 8th of October. We’d like to ask all researchers that would like to take part in an onsite Bug Bounty Marathon to register for the event.

New customers

We’ve launched two Bug Bounty Programs for VeChain – VeChainThor and VeChainThor Wallet.

VeChain is a leading global enterprise-level public blockchain platform, which has been evolving into a reliable, scalable, and distributed business environment. Without being operated by any central authority, it allows access to all necessary information about a product to authorized stakeholders.

Currently, VeChain is 18th biggest cryptocurrency ranked by market capitalization.

It’s great to see VeChain launching multiple bug bounty programs on our platform for their products. We are looking forward to helping them move towards their goal of building safe blockchain-based products.

NEVERDIE is a driving force in Virtual Pop Culture and the economics of the Virtual goods market. They’ve launched not one, but three public bug bounty programs on HackenProof platform (Neverdie Web, Neverdie Dragon King, Neverdie Smart Contracts). We see a great commitment to security from Neverdie Team and we’ll surely tell you more about their bug bounty experience with us in a separate blog post.

This July, Enecuum has launched a public bug bounty program for their smart contracts with a prize pool of $ 20K. Enecuum is working on a blockchain platform with a possibility of mobile mining.

HackenProof is developing rapidly. Since our official launch (31st of March) we’ve hosted 15 bug bounty programs, attracted more than 400 researchers to our platform and almost $ 40K was paid out in bounties. We are on a mission to help companies around the world protect their digital assets by using crowdsourced security approach. We have a ton of work ahead of us and we are very excited to share our journey with you. Stay Tuned!

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