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Enhancing Post-Deployment Security: Hacken Extractor Update

By Hacken

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The landscape of Web3 is ever-evolving, with an increasing need for security against smart contract exploits. This critical requirement for vigilant security measures has been met by Hacken Extractor, which began as an on-chain smart contract monitoring system. Since its initial beta launch, it has evolved into a comprehensive post-deployment security solution, a transformation catalyzed by the alarming rise in security vulnerabilities within the Web3 world.

Summary of Hacken Extractor Updates

Hacken Extractor is transitioning from a monitoring tool to a comprehensive security solution for deployed smart contracts.

Monitoring: Improved 24/7 on-chain monitoring of your smart contracts, together with custom triggers based on smart contracts structure, ensures maximum surveillance coverage.    

Detection: Attack Detector automatically spots attacks as they go allowing you to mitigate the risks asap.

Protection: Smart Contract Actions automatically launches pre-planned security mechanisms to protect assets on your smart contracts. 

Take advantage of the new features in Hacken Extractor’s enhanced product stack.

Major Updates to Hacken Extractor’s Security Stack

We are delighted to announce a significant update to Hacken Extractor, marking a substantial evolution in our journey – Extractor can now detect and respond to attacks.

Our goal has always been to ensure maximum security for your smart contracts, and these updates are a testament to our dedication to delivering on our security promises.

Updated Feature: Advanced Monitoring

Extractor started with 24/7 on-chain monitoring of your smart contracts, providing custom triggers based on smart contract structure to ensure maximum surveillance coverage. This feature remains a fundamental part of our product, and now we have updated it to provide Advanced Monitoring.

New Detection Feature: Attack Detector

Today, we unveil our new detection feature called Attack Detector, designed to spot attacks in progress. This feature is critical in decreasing response time and mitigating risks as soon as possible.

By simply adding your smart contract address, Attack Detector will send an alert upon noticing a potential attack on a specific stage, buying you time for a risk mitigation plan.

Attack Detector is able to recognize unwanted activities and collects data on suspicious accounts and contracts. It alerts you on three main events:

  • Interaction with a suspicious account
  • Interaction with a suspicious contract
  • Detection of a suspicious contract

Each alert provides a wealth of information, including alert type, description, transaction hash, date, monitored contract information (name, address, chain), and the severity level defined by the Attack Detector.

New Protection Feature: Smart Contract Actions

The final piece of our major update is Smart Contract Actions – a feature that sets off an automated response plan that has been pre-set in Extractor. Smart Contract Actions harness the full power of planned response to protect the assets on your smart contracts. 

See official documentation for more info.

Integrated Security Framework

Our new monitoring, detection, and protection features work together to create an integrated security framework for post-deployment smart contract security. By enhancing these features, we aim to cover the entire cycle of post-deployment security for Smart Contracts, making Hacken Extractor a comprehensive security solution. 

On top of that, Extractor is the most user-friendly self-service platform for post-deployment security out there. Easy to use and doesn’t require any additional code changes/integrations in your smart contracts. Simply add your smart contract to Extractor, and use all features!


In the constantly evolving landscape of blockchain and smart contract technology, the need for robust and dynamic security measures has never been more important. With Hacken Extractor’s major security stack updates, we aim to provide a robust response to this need.

We invite smart contract developers and users to utilize these updated features in Hacken Extractor and contribute to creating a safer Web3 space.

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