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Hacken’s 2023 Summary: A Year in Review with Dyma

By Hacken

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Hey Hacken Community,

As 2023 winds down, we’re excited to share a special piece from our CEO, Dyma Budorin. He’s penned a letter that’s all about our wild ride this year, packed with growth, new partnerships, and a big leap into tokenization. We’ve expanded our services, sparked up the community with DYOR platform, and hit some big milestones.

Dive into Dyma’s letter to catch all the details of our epic year and our moves in Web3 security. It’s a story of big wins, hard work, and a shared journey towards a safer digital future.

Read Dyma’s Letter

Click through to get the full rundown of 2023 and a sneak peek at what’s next. Here’s to a smashing new year and keeping the Web3 world safe and sound.

Rock on,
The Hacken Team

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