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The previous month has been remarkably successful and extremely important for the CER team and the CER project as a whole. We are pleased to inform you of what has been achieved in terms of the platform and business development, as well as our recent investigations on exchanges.  

  1. We have conducted several interesting investigations that have been widely published by our global media partners such as:,,,
  2. Due to the hard work of our team, CER has launched a special CERtification service for exchanges.
  3. Hacken CEO Dmitriy Budorin, together with the head of the CER project Serhii Dovhopolyi and the Head of CER Marketing Department Gleb Myrko, attended the Binance Conference in Singapore.
  4. Last but not least the CER platform has undergone a complete redesign.  

In this article, we will provide a detailed description of all the changes that have been made to the CER website and announce the full list of new features that have already been added or will be added to the site in the near future.

New Domain Name

As you may already have noticed Crypto Exchange Ranks recently moved to the domain so it is now even easier to find us! This is one of the crucial aspects in the process of the CER platform major transformation and simplification.

Complete Website Redesign

One of the most significant updates to the platform is that it has undergone a complete redesign and now boasts a brand new look and user interface. We have been sure to keep all the important market data on the new platform, whilst offering a better and more user-friendly UX.  We have also created an easier and more informative navigation system, a clearer logical structure of the dashboards, more straightforward interactions (i.e. filtering and sorting) with our widgets and a lot of other changes, both small and big. There are currently 5 main dashboards on the CER platform: Solvency (exchanges’ balances based on the reported wallets), Rating, Liquidity, Volume and Trading:
Also, you are now able to report exchanges’ wallets straight from the main page of the CER website:

Light Theme Launch

In the new design, we have introduced a theme that incorporates a lighter color to aid readability, especially on the pages with a lot of tables and figures. The dark theme remains the default one, however, you can switch to the light theme and back at any time.

Changes in the User Profile

You may have noticed the disappearance of the “Submitted Wallets” and Karma sections – they were under development, and we are happy to announce that these features are now live! You will also notice that the wallets you submitted have not been lost and all the data is stored safe and sound in our system. You can access it in the “Submitted Wallets” section:
There are also some new and important implementations in the User Profile:

  1. If you have read our previous Product Updates article, you will remember that we are going to release a special Dashboard for our Transparency Hackers, the ‘CER superheroes’, who are searching wallets and reporting them in their User Profiles. The Dashboard will be launched soon and will display the Transparency Hackers rating. It’s high time to start the preparations for this event, isn’t it? Choose an amazing nickname to shine bright like a star on the top of Transparency Hackers rating table and become an example and inspiration for other participants of Transparency Hackers Initiative! 
  2. We respect the work of every Transparency Hacker and appreciate the huge impact they make to the development of the crypto industry! That is why we would like to encourage them with some rewards:
  • 1 cold wallet submission — 50 HKNs and 50 Karma points;
  • 1 hot wallet submission — 5 Karma points.

In view of the above, we have implemented “My Wallet” Section in your User Profile. It means that now you can save the address of the wallet where you want to receive you HKN rewards for Transparency Hacking activities:
Please keep in mind, that the payments have not been automatized yet, thus we will be sending rewards in HKN to the wallets of our Transparency Hackers manually for some time to come. All the Transparency Hackers who previously reported exchanges’ wallets, will get their rewards soon.

We have launched a CSV import of exchanges’ wallets, which means that there is no need to submit every wallet manually anymore and you can now just upload all the wallets you found in one single CSV file. Please do not forget to download the template that includes the proper formatting and header row or carefully review the information in the disclaimer:
If the formatting requirements have not been met, you will receive an error message, similar to this one:
If all the requirements have been met, you will receive the confirmation notification similar to this one:
In order for us to be able to thank you and send the promised rewards, you will need to provide your wallet address in the aforementioned form along with entering the password from your personal CER account.

What’s next?

We understand that there is still a lot of work to do but we are ready for it!

Our team is currently fully focused on finishing the redesign of the CER website. We will soon be able to reveal a lot of other important updates that we are working on including interesting and useful features, such as a Historical chart for the reported trade volume, a new arbitrage algorithm and a renewed Exchange Profile.

At this time, we would really appreciate your in depth feedback regarding CER’s latest website update, the platform usability in general and our new and improved features. We believe that feedback from our community is one of the most efficient ways for us to improve the platform.

Do not hesitate to share your ideas and suggestions in our Telegram Group, on our Facebook Profile or on Reddit. We are always eager to listen to your opinion!

To stay updated on the latest CER news follow us via Email Subscription and Twitter.

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