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Hacken Signs with Brickken for Trailblazing Equity Tokenization

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By Hacken

In a groundbreaking move, Hacken is set to become the first company in the Web3 industry to tokenize its equity, utilizing its own $HAI token as the conduit, opening a window of opportunity for our community to become stakeholders in our journey. Today, we proudly announce our partnership with Brickken, marking the last preparatory step before we launch into an unparalleled venture driven by the HAI token.

About six months ago, our CEO, Dyma Budorin, revealed an ambitious plan to tokenize a 10% share of Hacken OU equity. We’ve signed with Brickken, whose cutting-edge Token Suite stands as the pinnacle in empowering the tokenization of real-world assets into a digital form. By aligning forces with Brickken, a vanguard in tokenization and asset management, we commence a transformative journey that fundamentally reshapes industry paradigms.

New Era of Transparency & Collaboration

With over six years of expertise, having audited over 1,200 projects, and forming partnerships with more than 180 entities, Hacken stands as a prominent figure in the cybersecurity realm. Hacken OU is the legal entity driving products such as Hacken.io, HackenProof, CER.live, Extractor, and Hacken.ai. This RWA tokenization is an important step toward a landscape that demands heightened regulatory adherence and comprehensive visibility, emphasizing our commitment to evolving standards. This move toward transparency and collaboration signals a new era for Hacken.

The Tokenization Process:

We’re initiating the tokenization process, equating the 10% shares in Hacken OU to a total of 100 million HAI tokens. This unique opportunity is open to all holders, whether they are newcomers or have been part of our community from the outset.

It’s crucial to note that we’ve updated the minimum participation conditions, widening accessibility for a larger audience. Despite potential fluctuations, the minimum slot of 1 million HAI underscores our commitment to inclusivity.

As a departure from typical tokenization strategies, operations exclusively involve HAI, a token subject to market volatility. Consequently, estimating the final slot cost in monetary terms poses challenges due to its inherent fluctuations. However, this approach brings notable advantages. For instance, it significantly simplifies the entry for HAI holders and serves as an additional direct token utility.

Upon completion, 87% of the attracted tokens will be burned. 

Addressing a question that is increasingly surfacing among interested parties, secondary markets will become accessible post-stage completion, albeit with restrictions similar to those in the primary process, requiring mandatory KYC procedures for interested participants. We’re actively addressing all inquiries to ensure a seamless process for all involved.

A Window of Opportunity:

Hacken is not just a company; it’s a movement, and we’re inviting you to be a part of our remarkable history. Together with Brickken, we’ve successfully concluded the final preparatory phase. Keep an eye out for our upcoming announcement about the future waitlist. We’ll soon share in-depth details, advantages, and instructions. Stay tuned to our updates for the latest information.

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  • New Era of Transparency & Collaboration
  • The Tokenization Process:
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