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What is HackenProof?

By Hacken

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Hello everyone and welcome to HackenProof Blog!

This is our first post, where we would like to introduce ourselves. We’re going  to share a brief story with you about how we’ve created HackenProof, what do we do and why do we think it’s important.

HackenProof was founded through a Hacken ICO in late 2017. Hacken is an ecosystem of cybersecurity products:

  1. HackenProof – Bug Bounty and Vulnerability Coordination Platform
  2. Hacken Hub – cybersecurity consulting service that specializes on blockchain based products
  3. HackIT – an international conference for cybersecurity specialists
  4. CER – a rating and analytics tool for crypto exchanges

Our headquarters is based in Estonia and our operational office is located in Kyiv. We’ve started working on the HackenProof platform in October 2017 and launched it in March 2018.

Since we are an ICO funded project our development process is very transparent. We’ve already published 2 monthly reports (first monthly report and second monthly report) that describe in detail what we do every month and what are we are planning on doing in the near future.

At the moment our platform features more than 300 researchers from more than 12 countries. This number grows on a daily basis and that is great news, since the number of researchers on the platform is essential to its effectiveness.

So far, we’ve successfully launched 8 Bug Bounty Programs (both private and public). Our researchers have reported more than 120 bugs and we have paid out more than $30 000 in bounty.

We believe that use of crowdsourced security and hackers is the cutting edge of cybersecurity. Whereas traditional cybersecurity companies have only a handful of researchers at their disposal, Bug Bounty Platforms have hundreds of experts with various backgrounds that are readily available on demand. This variety of talent insures that the quality of service provided is better than traditional cybersecurity consulting.

Our mission is both to build a company that will deliver world-class cybersecurity services and create a platform that will allow ethical hackers to legally report vulnerabilities. This approach benefits both sides – companies get the opportunity to have their software tested by some of the best cybersecurity experts in the world and ethical hackers get a legal and convenient way to monetize their skills.

Stay tuned, we are going to publish more product and industry related content on our blog very soon.

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