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What is ethical hacking?

3 minutes

By Hacken

Ethical hacking is an authorized use of malicious attacks to gain unauthorized access to software application or data. Ethical hackers compete for a bounty. Their goal is to identify bugs in web, modile, desktop apps. In Web 3.0, targets also include blockchains, smart contracts, wallets, platforms, protocols, DEX/CEX, and DeFi.

Cybersecurity and ethical hacking from Hacken’s perspective

Cybersecurity and ethical hacking are intertwined. We keep this idea in mind during all phases of ethical hacking. Everything starts with the client’s goal. Our team converts the problem into a manageable bug bounty. We list the program and ensure trusted communication between the client and hackers. We believe in the strengths of ethical hacking. Two heads are better than one. To that end, HackenProof community consists of thousands of cybersec researchers from all over the world.

HackenProof: Expert bug bounty platform for crypto projects

HackenProof connects Web 3.0 businesses with a diverse pool of extremely talented external security experts. The platform offers customizable bug bounty programs of all shapes and sizes. HackenProof is a top-tier service in crowdsourced security. These are some of the reasons why HackenProof is the leader in the bug bounty market.

  • HackenProof is trusted by crypto leaders since 2017
  • We generated 5,730 security reports
  • Ethical hackers received $553,660 in bug bounties
  • More than 10,000 ethical hackers from all over the world
  • Around 40 active programs on a given day
  • Working with most wanted assets and categories
  • Transparent rules for everyone
  • Triage and crowdsourced penetration test

A separate word for our top-notch service Triage. At all phases of ethical hacking, HackerProof internal team sorts through all the reports submitted by hackers, removes duplicates and irrelevant issues, and assigns the significance level. 

Bug Bounties for Ethical Hackers

HackenProof’s ethical hackers make thousands of dollars finding bugs. Our top 10 hackers have identified more than 500 critical security vulnerabilities in total. In addition to fair monetary rewards, hackers gain priceless experience and reputation. The entire ethical hackers community recognizes them as leading security experts. Talented and attentive ethical hackers can achieve success. We have prepared a list of the most lucrative bug bounties currently available for all HackenProof’s ethical hackers.

YearClientProgram DescriptionPrize
2021 – OngoingFTX ExchangeWeb and mobile bug bounty for NFT, DEX, Infrastructure$50,000
2022 – 2023Pandora Smart ContractSmart contract bug county for Protocol$50,000
2021 – OngoingFTX US ExchangeWeb and mobile bug bounty for NFT, DEX, Infrastructure for Network, Infrastructure, and DEX$50,000
2021-2022BunicornWeb, blockchain, smart contract for DEX, DeFi, NFT, and Infrastructure$50,000
2019 – OngoingVeChainThorBlockchain bug bounty for Protocol and Network$10,000
2021 – OngoingAvalanche GeneralWeb, blockchain, smart contract bug bounty for DeFi, Tools, and Platform$10,000
2021 – OngoingAvalanche ProtocolBlockchain, smart contract for Protocol$10,000

To sum up, HackenProof Bug Bounties offer tangible benefits for everyone interested in cybersecurity and ethical hackers. For crypto projects, HackenProof helps clients to resolve bugs before criminals can exploit vulnerabilities. For security experts, HackenProof gives a reliable stream of exciting bug bounty programs and a chance to win monetary and reputational rewards. Sign up as an individual or company to start your journey as an ethical hacker today.

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Table of contents

  • Cybersecurity and ethical hacking from Hacken’s perspective
  • Bug Bounties for Ethical Hackers

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