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Three Simple Steps of How to Become a White Hat Hacker

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By Hacken

Nowadays, the world has experienced fast-paced progress, especially in the IT industry. As a result, the complexity and functionality of technologies rise on the daily basis. However, the more sophisticated the systems and products are, the more people desire to hack into them. In other words, there is a growing number of computer burglars, who generally known as hackers, whose main objective is to get benefits from destroying or harming to various technology products or systems.

But how to prevent such occurrences in an ethical and quick manner providing each side with a benefit?
The answer is simple. It is necessary to encourage hackers to work in the appropriate direction contributing to the Cyber Security community and satisfying own needs. It signifies that such black professionals can become white hat hackers, who will legally operate earning good money.
So, how people who are able to apply penetration techniques to find vulnerabilities with negative intentions can become Ethical Hackers?

3 Steps to become white hat hacker

1. Change your goals, way of thinking, and approach.

It implies getting the aspiration to be involved in white hat hacker activities. Usually, hackers are people who are customed with the desire to break anything for fun. They do not care how many lives or organization will be victims of their actions. For them, it is just a game or a way of earning money. But anyway, their main aim is to disrupt. In turn, a white hat hacker is always seeking to find the vulnerabilities of IT products with an intention to fix them. Their main goal is to eliminate weaknesses of the system for the mutual benefit. Therefore, the essential thing needed to become an ethical hacker is a desire to apply own knowledge and expertise for the enhancement of cyber security rather than bypassing it.

Acquire white hat hacker mindset by the example of Oleksii Matiiasevych

2. Develop the relevant skills and gain required expertise in particular fields of cyber security.

The reason is that a professional and skilled white hat hacker will have to employ specific penetration techniques to evaluate a client’s IT security level in accordance with a customer’s needs. Only such an approach enables the hacker to detect possible vulnerabilities. So, it is obligatory for such a professional to be proficient in the certain area of Cyber Security testing. In turn, constant learning and comprehending the innovations could be helpful for such purposes. In addition, attending specific meetings or white hat hacker conferences, such as Hack IT, will definitely help a person find like minded people. In turn, such an environment would form his way of thinking and sharpen his or her skills. Only being well-versed in the newest and the most effective hacking approaches will allow a hacker to get an employment opportunity in influential and prosperous CybSec or IT organizations.

3. Take part in a white hat hacker conference or Hackathon related to Cyber Security.

The value of this step can be simply explained by the example of HackIT, an annual international forum on Cyber Security held by Hacken. During this event, a great number of highly-qualified and talented hackers are competing for a title of best in the occupation an opportunity to work for the best IT companies in the world. Simultaneously, they perfect their skills and knowledge under the pressure. Undoubtedly, such an approach significantly facilitates comprehending of the innovative techniques and hackers’ reputation. Consequently, they even may get an employment in Hacken, one of the best and most prospective ecosystem for providing high-quality cybersecurity services at an attractive price. By the way, anybody who interested in participation in Hack IT can register here.

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It appears, there is nothing difficult in becoming a white hat hacker. You just need to have appropriate goals, necessary knowledge and skills, as well as desire to develop one the regular basis. In addition, you should be updated with the latest innovations and news in the field by staying in touch with the CyberSec community. Make your choice and go for it!
Wrapping up: If you have already complied to the 3 steps, it’s high time to test your skills and capabilities. Register on HackenProof and start researching.

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