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Is Blockchain Engineering for you?

By Hacken

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Blockchain engineer salary and how to become a blockchain engineer?

Who is a blockchain engineer?

A blockchain software engineer is a person in charge of developing and implementing blockchain technology in Web 3.0 projects. Their primary responsibility is to create/maintain a system connecting their organization’s assets with a public ledger.  Blockchain engineers analyze their company’s specific needs, look for existing solutions, and build new systems. They also take care of any cybersecurity issues related to blockchain.

Blockchain engineer salary

Blockchain engineers are in middle and upper-income groups.

A blockchain engineer’s salary depends on the person’s qualifications and region. The salary is the highest in the USA, especially in San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and New York. The average total compensation of a blockchain software engineer is $112,366 annually in the United States. The median base salary is $91,066/yr, with $21,300/yr additional pay. The possible range for the total compensation is between $61k and $288k. At the same time, the most likely range of blockchain engineer salaries is between $80k and $174k. Blockchain engineers are in the top 20% of earners in the US. 

In the UK, the average annual blockchain engineer salary is £82,945. The salaries range from £47k to £150k. Blockchain engineers in the UK are in the top quintile of the population.

In India, the average salary of a blockchain engineer is ₹733,500/yr (around $10k). The base pay is ₹687,052/yr and ₹61,132/yr in additional payment. Blockchain engineers in India are among the top 3% of earners.

It is worth noting that most blockchain engineer positions allow remote work. Blockchain engineers are in high demand worldwide, which explains their generous compensation. 

Skills blockchain engineer

The job of a blockchain engineer is exceptionally lucrative from a financial standpoint. It is understood that this job has high demands. You need enough expertise to earn six figures. The essential skills of a blockchain engineer are as follows:

  1. background in software development
  2. knowledge of programming languages (C++/Java/JavaScript/C#/Python/Solidity)
  3. understanding of Web3, cryptography, algorithms, and data structures
  4. experience with top chains (Bitcoin/Ethereum/Hyperledger)
  5. fundamentals of cyber risk management and cloud computing
  6. a degree in computer science, information systems, or engineering would be a huge bonus in a job market

Career Paths for Blockchain engineer

The main career paths are blockchain engineer/architect, blockchain software developer, and blockchain protocol researcher. In most cases, blockchain engineers will work in a team to develop software, write code, and analyze and improve key metrics of their app, such as productivity, scalability, and usability.

Some blockchain engineers are more into cybersecurity. These enthusiasts may work as auditors or external security experts in bug bounty programs. They are the experts behind blockchain protocol audits and smart contract audits. For those wanting more creative freedom, blockchain engineering offers the opportunity to take part in bug bounty programs as ethical hackers.

Whatever the career path, the profession of a blockchain engineer will always be well-respected and highly demanded. Blockchain engineers have unique skills, which help them remain flexible and open to new technology.

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