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“It’s kind of bad-ass!” – Kitsumon’s community about the smart contract audit by Hacken

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By Hacken

In February 2022, the project Kitsumon reached the Hacken team with the request to complete a smart contract audit. 10 days after the request had arrived, our team started the audit process. Hacken specialists performed a great scope of work as a result of which the Kitsumon team addressed 21 security issues including 4 critical and 1 high severity ones. In this case study we would like to share with you some interesting insights about this audit. 

But let’s start with a brief description of this project

Kitsumon is an NFT game about collecting, breeding, and caring for adorable Kitsu pets. It can be played in a variety of different ways depending on what playstyle(s) you enjoy. From professions like Farming, Fishing, Crafting and more, and an in-depth breeding system, all the way to MOBA PvP modes and land acquisition, Kitsumon has everything and more. Our vision with Kitsumon is to make a game that goes beyond the basic novelties of NFT crypto games, and actually offers users a triple-A gameplay experience.

Insight 1. Community as the main driver of security improvements

Kitsumon management strived to provide reassurance to the community that its smart contracts are fully secure. Kitsumon community unites more than 100K members across different social media channels. Thus, the reliable confirmation that its smart contracts do not contain any security flaws has received numerous positive comments from the community including the one provided in the title. 

Insight 2. How do projects choose Hacken? What’s a secret?

Kitsumon management chose an effective strategy. They simply revised all recent hacks provided on https://rekt.news/leaderboard and checked whether these projects were audited and by what vendor. As a result, they noticed that the projects audited by Hacken had the lowest risk of falling victim to hacks. 

Insight 3. What is the confirmation of our professionalism and industry-leading status?

A full complex of basic Web 3.0 cybersecurity services provided to clients. Projects consider Hacken as a one-stop security solution. And, of course, recommendations provided by partners. For example, Kitsumon’s technological partner Synapse Network provided them with positive feedback regarding partnership with Hacken. 

Insight 4. What’s the Hacken key competitive advantage?

Being on the same page with clients. Our specialists can clearly explain to clients what fixes are required and how to introduce them. 

Insight 5. Hacken’s audits act as sedative for developers and managers

No need to explain.

The impact of this audit on the industry

5,850 $KMC holders can now feel confident that their assets are in safety. Taking into account the project’s focus on expanding its holders community even by 10X, it is possible to say that Hacken has secured almost 60,000 existing and future $KMC holders. As of now, according to CoinGecko, Kitsumon’s fully diluted valuation is almost $20M. 

Find the audit details in the report

Great thanks to the Kitsumon team for the feedback they shared. Your information has allowed us to provide these valuable insights to the community. Looking forward to working with you in the future. 

For more information about Kitsumon, please refer to: 

Kitsumon Website

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Kitsumon Medium

For recent Hacken updates and news, please refer to:

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