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John Fáwọlé

8 Articles

John is a Web3 technical writer and Solidity developer who likes simplifying blockchain for everyone. He is presently a Web3 Content Writer at Hacken.

  • Optimism 101
    Optimism Blockchain 101: Unlocking The Potential Of Layer 2 Scaling Fáwọlé J.Ciattaglia L.
  • NFT Scams
    NFT Scams: How They're Hurting The Market Fáwọlé J.Malanii O.
    Blockchain Architecture Layers: A Comprehensive Guide Fáwọlé J.Malanii O.Ciattaglia L.
  • DeFi Security_ Understanding And Addressing Risks In The Future Of Finance
  • Smart Contract Platforms_ Selecting The Best For Your Needs
  • Smart Contract Use Cases_ Unlocking Blockchain's Potential
  • Blockchain Bridges 101_ How Do They Work_ (1)
    Blockchain Bridges 101: How Do They Work? Fáwọlé J.Malanii O.
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