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The scope of security threats existing in the modern digitized world is unprecedented. Malicious actors are targeting companies’ systems to make huge money or cause reputational damage to victims. The list of weapons at hackers’ disposal is always expanding and most companies cannot ensure the ultimate security of their employees and clients by relying solely on internal cybersecurity staff and that is why they have to apply for security services provided by external professional vendors. And one of the most effective security testing tools is penetration testing. Pentest performed by a qualified expert can reveal both high-severity and low-severity security vulnerabilities in the systems under test so that companies will be able to take adequate and timely security measures to address the detected flaws before malicious actors try to exploit them. 


Why do Companies Need to Apply for Pen Testing?


The systems developed by companies to meet clients’ needs are becoming increasingly complex. The more features developers add, the higher the risk that some important security points might have been overlooked. The specialists responsible for the provision of penetration testing services to businesses imitate the techniques applied by real hackers to estimate whether the systems under test are strong enough to address cyberattacks. As a result, by applying for penetration testing services, companies can realize whether immediate security fixes are required. The cost of a data breach may be many times greater than the price of penetration testing services. And that is why pentest should become an indispensable security testing process for every client-centred entity.


Even companies with strong internal security staff and modern technologies are vulnerable to novel cyberattacks. There are large hacker groups that utilize the power of botnets to carry out powerful cyberattacks. Internal cybersecurity staff cannot be aware of all existing and potential malicious techniques utilized by hackers. Only professional penetration testing specialists have enough expertise to ensure clients’ high resistance to the known malicious techniques utilized by hackers. 


When speaking about the financial aspect, it’s much more reasonable for companies to apply for penetration testing services, for example, twice a year rather than to organize permanent courses for internal staff or employ additional security specialists. Penetration testing companies like Hacken provide high-quality security testing services at reasonable prices. You pay just for the work performed, no overhead expenditures.


Our Services: How do We Assist Your Company


Hacken team of security engineers provides internal and external penetration testing services to clients as well as network penetration testing services. Hacken is one of the leading pen testing companies in the industry thanks to our high level of professionalism and focus on details. Upon contacting our team, clients get detailed consultation about the scope of penetration testing services provided by Hacken, their duration, and estimated price. Pentest as a service is one of the main elements of our work and we have integrated the best methodologies and techniques followed by security experts worldwide to ensure customers’ satisfaction and avoid missing any weaknesses in their systems that can be potentially exploited by malicious actors.

Hacken penetration testing specialists provide a detailed instruction to customers on the ways to fix the issues identified during pentesting and stay in contact with clients after the end of a pen test. As a result, clients are not left on their own after the end of penetration testing by Hacken. Our pen testing specialists will also inform you about innovative security measures that may be applied to address detected bugs as soon as we develop them. That is why, by working with Hacken penetration testing specialists you can rely on constant assistance and support. We treat every customer as a core element of our success. 


The Value You Get by Applying for Penetration Testing by Hacken


By applying for a pen test performed by our security experts you get both the estimation of the level of your systems’ resistance to cyberattacks as well as the detailed step-by-step guide on how to strengthen your security. Hacken penetration testing team realizes that it’s not enough for clients just to know whether they are vulnerable to cyberattacks, clients want to know how they can protect themselves. And the pentest by Hacken fully meets this expectation of our clients.


Why Hacken?


Hacken is the recognized European leader in penetration testing services. We thoroughly check the background of our pentesting specialists and strictly monitor how they adhere to the ethical and professional standards set by Hacken. Hacken is a reputable brand and this statement is confirmed by the cooperation between our company and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the institution that governs the implementation of digital reforms in this country. Hacken is also a member of the Linux Foundation, one of the biggest and most powerful bodies in the global technological sector. That is why by applying for penetration testing services by Hacken you can be sure of the highest quality of services you get and their timely delivery.



Penetration Testing Methodology Followed by Hacken Pentesting Specialists

There are generally 5 stages of penetration testing followed by Hacken pentesting specialists:


  • The first stage of a pentest provides for the collection of data about the systems under test. 
  • The second stage of pen testing provides for scanning the systems under test by using specialized applications. This process is required to identify devices with open ports and the services that use them. When carrying out this stage of a pen test, a specialist checks default usernames and the passwords of detected devices.
  • The third stage of pentest is the estimation of revealed vulnerabilities that is required to develop the plan of further test attack. 
  • The fourth stage of penetration testing provides for gaining access to the systems under test. In case a pentesting specialist cannot access the systems under test by exploiting the identified vulnerabilities, then he tries to gain access through employees. 
  • The last stage of penetration testing performed by Hacken specialists provides for generating the reports containing all detected security weaknesses. Hacken pen testing specialists also inform a client of the ways he followed when performing a pentest.


The penetration testing approaches used by Hacken are white box, grey box, and block box. Under the white box approach, a penetration testing specialist has a large volume of information about the systems under test at his disposal as well as accesses. Under the black box method that strongly resembles real cyberattacks, the Hacken pentest expert has only information about the range of external IP-addresses. A penetration testing process, under this approach, starts from the collection of information about the system under test from open sources. The grey box approach to pentesting is the combination of white box and black box approaches. 


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The world trusted Bug Bounty Platform. Run custom-tailored Bug Bounty Programs to secure your business and assets.

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The world trusted Bug Bounty Platform. Run custom-tailored Bug Bounty Programs to secure your business and assets.