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Internal network penetration testing performed by qualified experts is aimed at identifying whether an insider attack can take place. Insiders are anyone such as members of teams, partners, or contractors who can access organizational applications, corporate information, and systems. Internal penetration testing is carried out by imitating the activities performed both by authenticated and non-authenticated users to estimate the scope of potential exploits. Also, internal pentest provides for checking whether there are any misconfigurations in the systems that can potentially enable data leakage. Generally, internal network penetration testing is a crucial element of security testing for every solid business striving to prevent data breaches.


Why should your project apply for internal pentest


Modern cybercriminals start using complicated and thoroughly developed schemes and tools to pass the protection measures developed by business players. By applying for internal penetration testing you can get into the mind of malicious actors to prepare yourself for addressing potential security threats. Internal pentest can allow your company to identify the assets and system elements that are at the risk of being compromised in case a hacker gets access to internal systems. As a result, upon passing internal network penetration testing you will be able to develop adequate defences to prevent the loss of your key assets. Also, internal penetration testing will show you what protection measures are not working so that you can avoid spending resources in vain. Thus, internal pentest can help you realize in what direction you need to build your security to leave hackers no chance to compromise your network.


Our services: how we can help your project


The internal penetration testing services provided by our team of security specialists will allow your project to get an understanding of the vulnerable elements of your security mechanism. As a result, by realizing the scope of the problem you will be able to introduce appropriate fixes to eliminate issues before malicious actors even try to exploit them. Our internal penetration testing specialists will also advise you on what measures you should take to address security threats and any future actions such as whether the other forms of security testing may be required. 


What will you get by applying for internal penetration testing


Upon passing internal network penetration testing you will be able to fix uncovered flaws that could be potentially exploited by malicious business partners or employees and prevent the possible spread of malware including ransomware across your internal network. As a result, upon passing internal pentest you will be able to safely store sensitive data internally to meet security requirements set up by regulatory bodies. Although internal threats may seem to be less common, their potential negative impact on the company’s performance may be dramatic and that is why the importance of internal network penetration testing should not be underestimated.

Upon applying for internal pentest, you will be coordinated by our dedicated team to ensure that the internal network penetration testing methodology applied by Hacken corresponds to your specifics of doing business, internal features, and the state of security policy in your entity. At the end of internal penetration testing, our specialists will instruct you on how to fix the detected vulnerabilities effectively so that not damage your performance while creating additional solid barriers to malicious actors.


Why Hacken


Hacken is one of the leading cybersecurity vendors trusted by companies from the private sector as well as public agencies. Our specialists have strong expertise in security testing and we constantly provide special professional training to them to make sure that they are fully aware of modern malicious techniques and the methods to safeguard clients against them. The number of projects cooperating with Hacken is rapidly increasing and it’s the confirmation of our high professionalism and strong ethical standards followed by our team.

Our internal penetration testing methodology

The internal network penetration testing methodology applied by the Hacken team of security experts corresponds to the white-box test. Our experts will start the internal pentest by conducting the external inspection. The information gathered will be expanded by adding insider knowledge provided by the client and getting basic authorized network access to detect any exploit and identify system weaknesses. Internal pentests carried out by our experts encompass services and systems forming the internal network as well as any devices connected to this network. The internal penetration testing methodology applied by our professionals corresponds to market best practices.


  • What is the main purpose of internal network penetration testing?

    Internal network penetration testing is aimed at identifying whether insider attacks can take place. It imitates the activities carried out by both authorized and unauthorized users to identify possible risks associated with their access to corporate information and systems and organizational applications.
  • What issues does internal network penetration testing reveal?

    Internal network penetration testing allows companies to identify whether their security systems effectively perform their functions and whether a hacker can access internal systems without authorization. Generally, this form of security testing detects any issues related to internal systems that can enable data leakage.
  • What other value, apart from realizing the scope of potential threats, does a company get by applying for internal network penetration testing?

    Hacken internal network penetration testing specialists will also provide valuable advice to a client regarding the security measures he can take to eliminate the detected issues and the ways of their implementation. Also, our specialists will check whether a client has correctly introduced all fixes.
  • What methodology does the Hacken team apply to perform internal network penetration testing?

    The Hacken team applies the white-box testing method. The initial phase of internal network penetration testing is external inspection. Also, our specialists get basic insider knowledge from a client and gain basic authorized access to the systems under test.
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