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In the modern threatful digital environment, every company strives to have an understanding of the scope of security risks it faces and its vulnerability to cyberattacks. One of the most effective ways for companies to realize whether their systems are vulnerable to breaches is penetration testing performed by professional cybersecurity vendors. Secure and up-to-date infrastructure is the key element of the company’s cybersecurity. Network penetration testing including internal and external pentests is the instrument allowing companies to prevent data breaches and, thus, the associated financial and reputational losses. 


One of the most popular types of pentests is external penetration testing. The companies that are focused on securing their clients perform this type of security assessment on a regular basis. External network penetration testing encompasses all systems and their elements that are potentially reachable from the Internet. Malicious actors attack these systems very frequently and that is why external infrastructure penetration testing is an indispensable security process for both SMEs and large corporations. When performing external penetration testing, security specialists try to use the same techniques like the ones followed by real malicious actors. That is why external pentest allows companies to address real security vulnerabilities. 


Why should Your Company Apply for External Penetration Testing?


External penetration testing simulates the situation when an attacker does not have any secret information about the company’s security policy, implemented protection measures or configurations. The specialists responsible for conducting external pentest have access only to open information that, in the real world, is available to everyone. That is why external network penetration testing allows companies to prepare themselves to address future cyberattacks initiated by both amateurs and high-skilled attackers. Apart from identifying weaknesses, the specialists performing external pentest will also investigate the scope of these weaknesses so that your company may realize whether fixing these weaknesses should have a top-priority status. 


External penetration testing shows companies the effectiveness of the security measures they apply to protect their perimeters. Also, external infrastructure penetration testing is focused on detecting security issues in mail, web, and FTP servers that are the most frequently used servers by employees. Thus, by securing their perimeters through the conduct of external network penetration testing companies can eliminate the reasons behind potential security compromises. 


Our Services: How does Hacken Assist Your Company?


Our specialists will instruct you on any matters related to external penetration testing and will specify the scope and timeline of the associated activities. When performing external pentest our specialists stay in touch with you to ensure that the process runs smoothly and your systems are not affected. Hacken external penetration testing will show you the weaknesses that may be potentially severely exploited by malicious actors and provide detailed guidelines and recommendations on how to fix these security issues in the most efficient manner. 


Hacken External Pentest: What does Your Company Get?


Upon applying for external penetration testing by Hacken, you will get high-quality services provided by the leading industry specialists within the specified deadline and in full scope. You will see in what directions you should develop the security policy in your company to prevent data breaches in the future. After the end of external penetration testing, you will have a clear picture of what security changes need to be introduced and in what priority to guarantee the security of your employees and customers.


Why Hacken?


Hacken is the recognized industry leader when speaking about external penetration testing. Every year our specialists test the security of dozens of companies representing the most innovative industries such as blockchain, telecommunication, financial services, etc. Hacken is trusted by leaders since we guarantee the quality of our external penetration testing services and always consider client’s feedback. We grow together with our clients and it’s our strength. 



External Penetration Testing Methodology Followed by Hacken

The external network penetration testing methodology followed by Hacken is based on the black box method. Our clients do not provide any information to testers such as source code, application credentials, or infrastructure diagrams. 

At the start of the external infrastructure penetration testing process, our security specialists uncover technical and security inputs that may be used in later stages to access the client’s network. By utilizing the uncovered data using automated and manual tools our experts detect weaknesses in your systems and developed the plan to actively exploit them. However, the exploitation process is carried out in a safe way so that to avoid causing any damage to the client’s performance or affect the efficiency of its employees working in the systems in question. At the end of external penetration testing, our experts will provide you with a detailed report containing the list of identified vulnerabilities, their scope, and possible methods of fixing them. Hacken security specialists thoroughly monitor whether after the end of external penetration testing the client’s systems function as prior to the test. 



  • What systems are tested during external penetration testing?

    The systems and their elements that are reachable from the Internet, which may be also referred to as external infrastructure, are within the scope of external penetration testing. Security specialists try to identify vulnerable points in these systems, the exploitation of which by malicious actors can result in data breaches.
  • What is the difference between internal and external penetration testing processes?

    Under external penetration testing, security specialists imitate the behavior of malicious actors who do not have any insider information about the targeted systems. When performing external penetration testing, security specialists use only the information that is available to everyone.
  • What does a company get after passing external penetration testing?

    Hacken security specialists provide a client with detailed instruction on what measures should be taken to address the weaknesses identified during external penetration testing. Also, after implementing the supposed suggestions, a client gets relevant feedback regarding the introduced changes from the Hacken experts.
  • Is it worth applying for external penetration testing?

    Yes, both SMEs and large corporations should regularly pass this form of security testing. Companies should realize that they may be lucrative targets for both professional hackers and amateurs. Even the exploitation of minor vulnerabilities in the company’s external infrastructure may result in damaged user experience that may have negative financial and reputational implications for a company.
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The world trusted Bug Bounty Platform. Run custom-tailored Bug Bounty Programs to secure your business and assets.

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The world trusted Bug Bounty Platform. Run custom-tailored Bug Bounty Programs to secure your business and assets.