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Kalmar cooperates with Hacken to protect users’ assets

By Hacken

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It is a great pleasure for us to announce that Kalmar, a decentralized bank powered by DeFi and NFT, has entered into cooperation with Hacken to address the existing and potential security threats. DeFi and NFT are the two fast-developing technological fields that draw the attention of both ethical researchers and black hat hackers. At the beginning of 2021, the DeFi protocol EasyFi reported a hack that caused damage worth $80 mln. Hackers could steal keys to the project’s admin accounts. This case demonstrates how vulnerable to hacks are the project employing the most recent technological solutions. And that is why the entities that prioritize the security of users’ assets should vote for active cooperation with cybersecurity experts. 

We strongly value the decision of Kalmar’s executives to choose Hacken as a smart contract auditor. It is the confirmation of our strong market reputation and image. Kalmar has also decided to select HackenProof as the platform for its bug bounty program. It is a great indicator of strong ethical values and professionalism of our specialists and independent researchers. We strongly believe that our cooperation with Kalmar will allow the project to avoid reputational risks associated with the potential loss of clients’ assets due to malicious activities from the side of cybercriminals. Hacken specialists always deliver services of the highest quality since we are focused on the establishment of long-term cooperation relationships with highly promising projects capable of making difference in the industry.

About Kalmar

Kalmar is a decentralized bank powered by DeFi and NFT. Kalmar’s mission is to combine the best of decentralized finance protocols and fuel them with pure fun!

The Kalmar team is working in the following directions:

Leveraged Yield Farming Platform: Kalmar’s aim is to transition to a successful and robust concept of a leveraged yield farming platform for liquidity mining protocols on BSC (such as PancakeSwap). The next upcoming milestone is the support of fully audited stablecoin pairs.

Physically backed NFTs: By physically backing NFTs through burning for rewards, Kalmar is opening up a new set of opportunities for NFTs in DeFi. Kalmar’s upcoming NFT fundraiser platform allows raising capital in a fun way for businesses, influencers, and blockchain projects of any age.

DeFi payment channel: In partnership with blockchain consulting firm Blockvis, Kalmar is working on creating reliable banking for DeFi payment gateway. This is a step towards improving the industry’s user experience to onboard the previously inaccessible audiences.

GamiFi: Kalmar believes that the future of finance lies within the intersection of gaming and DeFi. The partnership with blockchain consulting firm Techpad is the first step to rethink GamiFi and meaningfully connect Kalmar’s NFT products and DeFi protocols.

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