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Global Tokenized Business with Operating Cybersecurity Products

Hacken Cybersecurity Ecosystem.
What is it and how it works?



Hacken offers a cybersecurity utility token, named HKN, for a full stack of countermeasures, aimed at reducing threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks by eliminating or preventing them - HKN is the only payment method inside the Hacken Ecosystem.

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HackenProof is a decentralized bug bounty platform with an innovative approach to cybersecurity. The core of HackenProof is the cooperation between highly qualified, ethical hackers and Hacken’s growing client base.

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Hacken Cybersecurity Services

Hacken provides a wide range of cybersecurity services custom-tailored to the individual needs of the customer. We deploy leading experts from around the globe to provide personalized cybersecurity solutions for any size business, including anti-phishing, penetration testing, and smart contract audits.


HackIT Annual Conference

Year after year, HackIT has gathered hundreds of participants from more than six countries. Throughout the conference, our team runs various speaking panels and workshops as well as a series of specialized cybersecurity competitions.


Hacken Crypto Exchanges Rating

Hacken’s CER (Crypto Exchange Ranks) provides users with a professional and intuitive crypto exchange analysis platform. The system offers users access to real-time, objective statistics, gathered and processed using the advanced algorithms and precise mathematical models.



Hacken charges
30% for each service purchase on the platform
15% of that service charge is burned
15% is accumulated for platform development
Once the amount of HKN reserves reaches
1% of the total amount of HKN in circulation
Hacken makes
24 hours announcement
Hacken puts this amount back into circulation
across HKN-listed exchanges

Hacken Live

How Blockchain Can Help SME Challenge Legacy Rivals

  When we think about the current atmosphere of the conventional business world, we clearly see that SME (small and medium enterprises) face quite a lot of challenges. They used to be the milestones of the worldwide economy, until, of course...

Kate Lysenko

Aug 7

What is White Hat Hacker?

  You all know that Hacken aims to unite blockchain and IT businesses with the community of white hat hackers. However, what do you actually know about white hats? What hurdles do they experience during employment? How much money do they get...

Hacken Ecosystem

Aug 4

Why We Hate Telegram Group Pump (And You Should, Too!)

  How many times have we judged a project only by looking at the size of its telegram group? Poor investments decisions are often made simply because novice crypto investors catch telegram FOMO. If it were to be debated, I think I will be ab...

Dmytro Budorin

Aug 1

The Butterfly Effect or how to counter fake volumes and make the crypto industry mature

  In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. The problem of fake volumes h...

Hacken Ecosystem

Jul 26

Hacken becomes a cybersecurity partner of e-Mal, a decentralized financial ecosystem designed in Dubai

  A full-fledged financial ecosystem, e-Mal, has signed an agreement with Hacken to ensure the protection of their wallet. This strengthens e-Mal’s aspiration to create the smart financial ecosystem.

Hacken Ecosystem

Jul 24

Don't believe the hype. One of the top 15 crypto exchanges fakes its volume

Have you ever wondered how it could be possible for the newbie exchanges like BitForex, FCoin, and CoinEx to make it to the TOP-15 by daily trade volume? Not to mention that they have managed to beat Binance, OKex, Huoboi, KuCoin, Kraken, and Upb...

Hacken Ecosystem

Jul 23

Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets and Their Overall Security Aspect

  Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets and Their Overall Security Aspect A cryptocurrency wallet is a software application that stores private and public keys, giving a user access to their crypto funds on the blockchain. To put it simply, if you...

Hacken Ecosystem

Jul 6

What You Need to Know About CER: Crypto Exchange Ranks Launch

  The cryptocurrency arena is growing to massive highs in both the number of tokens, crypto exchanges, and market size; specific factors come into play on how to trade safely and wisely. Accurate analytics is the goal for any crypto trader r...

Hacken Ecosystem

Jun 28

Crypto Exchange Penetration Testing As It is

 A short story of why we need exchanges Imagine you find yourself on a deserted island with a huge bag of gold and dollars (and even a few Bitcoins). You are rich — you can purchase anything you want. However, you’ll never use your money: th...

Hacken Ecosystem

Jun 27

VeChainThor Public Bug Bounty on HackenProof

With the beginning of VeChainThor Alpha Test at the end of this May, VeChain Foundation has started a Private Bug Bounty Program on HackenProof platform to test their product for security vulnerabilities (here is a link to our press release with ...

Hacken Ecosystem

Jun 25


Dmytro was one of the top executives in Ukraine's military defense industry. As an ACCA, he worked for Deloitte for eight years in accounting, audit and project management.
Chief Cybersecurity Officer
Mykyta specializes in cybersecurity training for various government institutions of Ukraine. He is the CEO of ProtectMaster, and co-founder of HackIT Conference.
Business Development Director
Yegor holds a Ph.D. in high energy physics from DESY, Hamburg. He is an author to 22 scientific papers in the field. Yegor is the CEO of Information Security Group.
Andrii is a highly qualified cybersecurity expert with 13 years of success in the industry. He is a certified expert in several areas and has more than 10 certificates of competence. His role at Hacken is to provide technology leadership in developing, integrating and supporting the platform.
Andriy Velykyy
VP of Business Development
Andriy holds MSc IT Management degree from Warwick Business School, UK. Works in IT since 2002, first as Cisco Certified Network Professional then moving to business development and sales. Has been in crypto from 2016 trading, investing in ICOs and constructing mining facilities.
HackIT Conference Director
Vladimir is a web development company founder and co-founder of the technology conference, HackIT. He has built a distributed affiliate mining network and was in the top miner of the Eligius mining pool.
Lead Manager, HackenProof
Evgenia has a master’s degree in cybersecurity and is a co-founder of the Kharkiv DEFCON Group. She was the winner of the All-Ukrainian Contest of Students’ Research Works. Evgenia has organized a range of cybersecurity and blockchain events.
Brand Director
Marichka implemented the marketing and rebranding strategies for the first Ukrainian weapons distributor and presented the company at military conferences. She created a set of catalogs for all Ukranian weapons.
As an experienced digital marketer, Ivan started his career with the b2b startup, Precoro. Then, preceding this, he worked as a SEO specialist for TemplateMoster. Being a certified inbound and sales marketer, he’s fully focused on demand, leads, and customer generation.



Black Hat 2018 USA, Las Vegas


Defcon 2018 Caesar`s Palace, Las Vegas, USA


JCC Blockchain Conference Zurich, Switzerland


Web Summit 2018 Lisbon, Portugal

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